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taking exception

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brief description accompanying an illustration


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provide with a caption, as of a photograph or a drawing

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As part of the contract, Ericsson will also provide captioning services for SKY NEWS-produced bulletins on Qantas flights.
She continues: "Being on the GSA schedule also expands our reach beyond the federal government to numerous state and municipal governments as they can now take advantage of our captioning and reporting services.
Video publishers can now upload a transcript for their videos, which further helps the site add accurate captioning.
Deaf viewers can read the captioning on their own reflector to catch all the dialogue.
This method of captioning was unsatisfactory because it interrupted the flow of action of the film and that of the dialogue of the actors.
With the release of a set of enhancements, RAMP's Web Closed Captioning now solves all of the major challenges surrounding compliance with the 21st Century Video Accessibility Act:
Net and The Captioning Studio are pleased to announce the launch of WebCaptioning.
YouCaption is a veritable Swiss Army Knife of realtime captioning because of the multiple platforms that it captions for; the fact that it does not require a costly hardware closed caption encoder for most applications; the speed with which it turns speech into captions; and its many novel features - such as the ability to caption phone conferences via a website for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.
Through our relationship with WebEx, online meeting participants who also require closed captioning services can enjoy a full turnkey solution to their needs," said Randy Holyfield, vice president of business development and Internet services for Caption Colorado.
LAS VEGAS -- CPC, the industry leader in closed captioning and subtitling software solutions, today announced development of a complete software-only HD closed captioning solution for users of Avid Media Composer[TM].
22 /PRNewswire/ -- The Weather Channel will begin closed captioning in a test mode on Monday, December 27th, as the first step in a year-long progression that will eventually result in 20 hours of closed captioning daily on the all-weather network.
Closed captioning is required by the FCC for virtually all TV broadcasts in the United States, and by the CRTC for most TV broadcasts in Canada.
To support this new service, Blockbuster has purchased 2,500 TeleCaption VR-100 caption decoders -- the largest single purchase of caption decoders in captioning history.
Now HD closed captioning VANC data can be inserted into MPEG-2 & H.