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taking exception

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brief description accompanying an illustration


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provide with a caption, as of a photograph or a drawing

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The leading provider of open captioning is the NAD's Captioned Media Program (CMP), www.
104-104), virtually all new broadcast, satellite and cable programming must be captioned by January 1, 2006.
Under its aegis, Captioned Films for the Deaf, which had been founded to provide entertainment films for deaf adults, was now expanded to include the educational needs of deaf children (Gannon, 1981, p.
President Obama's YouTube videos are captioned with CPC's WebPlus closed captioning software
Having a sense of the quantity and frequency of video to be captioned will help the vendor tailor services.
Interestingly, McLaughlin also questions whether the use of the SMPTE-TT (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers Timed Text format) allowed in the FCC regulations provides the equivalency the statute is seeking for live captioned content.
MacCaption's instant caption embedding clears the way for thousands of videos to be made available in a captioned format for these portable devices.
following a 12-month trial during which 16 participating cinemas, including Odeon Cinemas in London's Leicester Square and West End, promoted DTS-CSS captioned and audio-described screenings.
Further frustrations related to a lack of information about which programs are captioned and the possibility that federal funds to support closed captioning might be withdrawn.
This initiative will mark the first time an Internet service provider will feature captioned content online, underscoring AOL's commitment to accessibility and ease-of-use.
With CCaptionPro, inserting open captions into a previously closed captioned video is a simple drag and drop operation.
Screening Room's unique concept searching capability will be used to enable end users to search across the closed captioned text associated with each video clip.
Local forecasts will not be closed captioned because they already exist in a reader-friendly text and graphic presentation.
The captioned television shows, which are selected by VITAC's clients and Caption Viewers Advisory Panel, will be shown in syndication on various television networks.
Wynd Communications, the leading provider of wireless telecommunications services for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, Wednesday announced an exclusive co-marketing agreement with Tripod Captioned Films, America's leading distributor of open captioned films.