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the post of captain

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Captainship, majorship, and colonelship are inextricably nested in generalship.
These days, she's applying the same approach to her captainship of the Paraclete girls' volleyball team.
Marchand (1969: 281) includes some LME--ship(e) derivatives, such as workmanship, captainship, prrtectrrship and wardeship.
During the substitution, the main coach gives the player2 order to hand the captainship over (handCaptainshipOver () message) and the player1 the order to become the captain (becomeCaptain () message).
That evening a friend came round: she had been all day on the barricades with a troupe of theater people, under the captainship of Armand Gatti.
One of the primary reasons for this slowdown is in the high number of product failures, especially among large companies with substantial budgets and distribution channel captainship, which are the factors that usually lead to success.
When Croatia visited Dublin in 1996 he celebrated his first captainship of Ireland with the strike which got the Irish out of jail in a 2-2 draw.
Apart from his long-standing team captainship on Have I Got News For You, he has limited his workload since overdoing things a few years ago.
His eyes gaze not directly into the photographer's lens but beyond it, with that wistful gaze perhaps common to all emigrants, and more nearly peculiar to one who gazes beyond the immediate past ("Just from Swit zerland") to his captainship in the Sixth Bavarian.
She continues her captainship on Shooting Stars this autumn and is currently filming a new series of Gladiators.
We found the ultimate answer in the Cadre system - creating a Cadre of leaders rather than single or dual captainship.
Belich seems to be pointing to a Maori facility for captainship of industty.
ISLAMABAD -- Zeeshan Abbasi Captain of Pakistan Blind Cricket team Tuesday resigned from the captainship.
com, entitled 'Reds' leadership credentials', examined the merits of five possible candidates to take the captainship from Serb Nemanja Vidic, who will leave the club at the end of the season.
BOSTON -- With the departure of defenseman Andrew Ference in free agency this summer went one-half of the Bruins' second alternate captainship.