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The move comes as a surprise to some, especially after Sarfaraz - under whose leadership the Pakistan cricket team came fifth after winning only five matches in the World Cup 2019 - had clarified earlier this month that he would not be parting ways with the captainship.
The move comes as a surprise to some especially after Pakistan's cricket team, under the leadership of Sarfaraz, came fifth after winning only five matches in the World Cup 2019, had clarified earlier this month that he would not be parting ways with the captainship.
McCullum already made his heroic captainship skills known in the last edition of PSL, and this time it's only going to be bigger and better with the two playing in the same side.
With basically the same cast, San Miguel can always rely on its usual go-to combination of punches composed of the defensive mettle of Chris Ross, the sweet-shooting of Marcio Lassiter, the playmaking of Alex Cabagnot and the captainship of Arwind Santos.
The Boat That Rocked (2009) (ITV4, 12.15am) Radio Rock is a pirate radio station under the captainship of Quentin (Bill Nighy), which broadcasts from the relative safety of the North Sea in 1966.
Thereafter, he resigned from the captainship and returned to Muzaffarnagar to practise law in 1969.
1579, 2013) (noting the abundance of academic literature discussing the dominance of the chairman in the FOMC and likewise concluding that, "[c]learly, the Fed's decision-making process is characterised by captainship"); Peter Conti-Brown & Simon Johnson, Governing the Federal Reserve System after the Dodd-Frank Act 8 (Peterson Inst, for Int'l Econ.
In that chance of RTE Sports with Cahill, the latter has expressed his gratitude to the players as well as the Board of Tennis Ireland for their undying support of his captainship. Cahill further confidently said that he truly has faith on the team's ability to beat Belarus this coming March and wished everyone the best of luck for all their preparations and training.
"I'm not surprised, but I'm elated with the way she's taken this captainship role over a young team and she's keeping the group together, her and Ciara,'' Hackenson said.
As United chased promotion from division two under the captainship of King Kev, manager Arthur Cox said: "We believe in doing things in style these days.
Dhande's captainship, India Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur has been recognised as a technical institution of excellence for providing an international level of education and research in science and technology.
"Look at that for captainship," said the commentator.
I was not enjoying it, and I therefore gave up the team captainship, as well.
Osborne stated there: 'In 1912 Mr Tommy Armstrong [...] retired and passed on the captainship to me [...] Old Tommy was Captain for 50 years, and the man before him, Old Patterson, was Captain for 60 years.' (11) Surprisingly, Osborne did not acknowledge that Cecil Sharp had reported: 'Mr.