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Synonyms for capsulize

enclose in a capsule

put in a short or concise form

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It is an irreplaceable monument capsulizing, and critiquing, a great era of scholarly enterprise, that of the original quest for the Jesus of history.
Like the above lyrics to a current Top 40 record (written and sung by someone named Dobie Grey), the piece pays homage to the Beach Boys, capturing and capsulizing the pleasant -- perhaps even positive -- sense of escapism that has always characterized their music, from the group's beginnings back in the late '50s down to the present day.
The author begins by capsulizing several classical theories of the sociology of religion (Durkheim, Malinowski, Weber, Parsons, et al.), and indicates certain points of agreement with each of them, including Marx and Freud.
in capsulizing the coverage, I guess I'd Ronald Reagan and say, `There they go again,'" commented S.
The show, which has a staff of 50, attempts to distinguish itself by capsulizing the Inquirer's complex stories and investigative projects and avoiding the sensational stories that are TV news staples.
"Do we aim to save ourselves for the afterlife," Reddin wonders, capsulizing the play's existentia conundrum, "or do we try to salvage things in this life?"