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Synonyms for capsulize

enclose in a capsule

put in a short or concise form

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By terming them light infantry soldiers (les voltigeurs) the author capsulizes both their relatively modest status and the active role which distinguished them from the ronds de cuir, the presumably do-nothing, office-bound bureaucrats satirized by contemporaries.
Given the difficulty of reaching consensus among people with widely differing interests, the strategic plan for technology capsulizes the industry's technical priorities, Wolferman said.
The following quote by one of the deaf mothers in the study capsulizes this notion:
In simply naming the gate Chang capsulizes the high and low points of T'ang history.
NCRLC's motto, "the voice of the church to rural America and the voice of rural America to the church," capsulizes its mission, he said.
That small reality capsulizes more than anything the essence of the disability-rights movement, and it does not escape the discerning eye of Joe Shapiro, a correspondent for U.
In a review of science journalism, Hillier Krieghbaum (cited in Anderson, 1970) capsulizes this process as:
It too is about structural experimentation at an elemental level and thus capsulizes much that has been central to Dieste's career.
The times they are a changin" isn't just an old Bob Dylan song, that phrase capsulizes the 1990s, especially for electric cooperatives (Parker, 1990).