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Synonyms for capsulize

enclose in a capsule

put in a short or concise form

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This agenda is capsulized by science's shift from seeking the truth through "knowing why" (theoria) to wanting mere practical "know-how" (p.
Three separate podcasts are produced from the same report: A Cup of Health with CDC, featuring 5- to 8-minute interviews with authors or spokespersons; A Minute of Health with CDC, a 59-second capsulized version of a report; and Un Minuto de Salud con los CDC, the same version of the report translated into Spanish.
The prevailing paradigm confronted by Eley and Blackbourn--largely successfully, most would now concede--was the so-called Sonderweg thesis, capsulized by this volume's editors as "German exceptionalism," which saw Nazism as proof of the failed modernization or backwardness that shaped Germany's allegedly unique political development (p.
Sections point out the highlights and quality resorts in various different provinces, as well as the most effective means of travel, and offer capsulized background information on Argentina's land, flora, fauna, cultural landscape, environmental issues, history, economy, and more.
In fact, capsulized handling of book-length topics, e.g., the establishment of the canon, the nineteenth-century audience's interpretive responsibilities, and genres as sets of compositional guidelines, is featured in the book generally.
It builds on the Continental tradition, capsulized in Weber's term "formal rationality," that deplores judicial discretion.
Sampson Davis, Rameck Hunt, and George Jenkins have capsulized their stories in magazine articles of how, growing up in Newark, New Jersey, they made a commitment to encourage each other on their journey to and through medical school.
Wilson and Petersilia understand that criminal justice policies cannot be capsulized into pamphlets or leaflets.
Passages 5-10 below are from the essay "The Question Concerning Technology." Although it will become evident that these passages do not provide a neatly capsulized definition of technology--Heidegger is not the kind of thinker who operates according to such a rigid rubric--Heidegger offers to the careful student a thoughtful awareness of what must be considered in order to win a more penetrating understanding of the roots of technology.
The poem can be viewed as a response to a point already well known, a capsulized account of world history: how great civilizations "wither" (line 14), "fade" (23), "go under" (29)--how Persia, for example, becomes merely the stuff of nostalgia for a poet like Arnold.
Citizens, Hart argues, use letters to the editor to express themselves in their own words, not in the capsulized vocabulary provided by survey researchers.
Two years ago, Ray Kurzweil published his book "The Age of Spiritual Machines," which he capsulized in R&D Magazine's June 1999 "R&D in the New Millennium" special focus issue.
As the December 25 Time capsulized it, "A sizable number of critics, from law professors to some of the Court's own members, have attacked the ruling as...politically motivated." A sampling from a few law professors: Vanderbilt professor Suzanna Sherry said, "There is really very little way to reconcile this opinion other than that they wanted Bush to win." Yale's Amar lamented that "for Supreme Court watchers this case will be like BC and AD.
Most of the inscriptions and architectural fragments found some thirty years ago in the Golan contain no dates and cannot be correlated to specific "moments" in the sweep of the region's Roman-Byzantine history capsulized above.