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used of seeds or spores that are enclosed in a capsule

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The results could be explained assuming that in the case of core-shell fibers, core materials were completely capsulated in the shell.
influenzae capsulated strains was 690 (9%) of 7,992 isolates; 500 (72.
About Gelesis100 Gelesis100 (formerly "Attiva") is an oral capsulated device for weight loss.
At her last follow-up visit (September 2012), ultrasonography and MRI showed a small capsulated cavity of 2 cm positioned over the upper pole of the kidney that remained movable (Fig.
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius capsulated so much information into a single address.
I like it 'cause it's crunchy and sweet," aptly capsulated one of my companions.
Following the London Olympic Games in August next year, the painting will be compressed and capsulated as a gift for future children.
6 years) were given capsulated rose hip powder 5 g daily or matching placebo for 6 months.
The system is equipped with a capsulated gamma sterilized bag loop which contains the crossflow cartridge unit, pump tubing, pressure domes, flow meters, valves, bags and tubing.
The freshers will undergo a capsulated course for the next three months before getting deployed to police stations before the Commonwealth Games," a senior officer said.
Dr Anne von Gottberg of the National Institute for Communicable Diseases updates us on the vaccines and their current and future impact on infection with the capsulated pathogens.
So here in capsulated form are the positions each faction has staked out.
The bexA gene encodes the capsulation-associated bexA protein present in all capsulated H.
In addition, rhodomyrtone also displayed good activity against biofilm-forming and capsulated bacteria, including S.
In the piece entitled Facebook, Aydlett questions the Internet site as an immature and capsulated means of communication.