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used of seeds or spores that are enclosed in a capsule

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Gross examination revealed a gigantic oval-shaped well capsulated pseudo tumour weighing 1.5 kg and measuring 10.1cm x 12.1cm x 14.5cm (Superior inferior x Anterior Posterior x Transverse) in size.
The Indian ink stain is useful to detect the typical capsulated yeasts cells of Cryptococcus, but is less sensitive than the cryptococcal antigen latex test.
A schwannoma is a solitary encapsulated tumor; a neurofibroma is not capsulated and contains nerve fibers within the lesion.
NEC's Capsulated Color Filter technology offers realistic color reproduction and its AccuCrimson technology creates the purest reds possible in a plasma display, while its MASS technology eliminates jagged lines and corrects color bleeds for clear and defined images.
JB: What about Espresso Point, your unique approach to fast, simple espresso service--featuring a capsulated concentrate of fresh brewed coffee?
Two weeks ago, the team excised parts of the woman's tumorous growths and injected the fluid with the capsulated genes into the remaining parts.
This Catholic social thought - sometimes capsulated in arcane principles like solidarism, subsidiarity, the preferential option for the poor, and several more - must be continually applied to new circumstances, or it means nothing.
Dermoid cysts appear as unilocular, capsulated masses with thin walls.
There was a huge parathyroid adenoma in the form of a capsulated mass with the size of 8x3x3 cm behind the aortic arc and right innominate artery adjacent to esophagus, which was resected and sent for frozen section (figure 1).
Video-assisted thoracoscopy found a capsulated lesion with pulsation over right lower lung field, and wedge resection was done smoothly.
multocida cell to phagocytosis and enhances its virulence potency when compared with non- capsulated strains (Maheswaran and Thies 1979; Borrathybay et al.
We are currently looking prospectively at GBS carriage in HIV-infected and control uninfected pregnant women to learn whether our observation can be explained by a higher carriage rate in HIV-infected women or by increased susceptibility of HEU infants to this capsulated bacteria.
Capsular type characterization showed that most strains (89%) were capsulated and nontypable, while only 2 and 9% of the strains had capsule types a and b, respectively.
At the moment, besides the concerns of infections from capsulated organisms and malaria, splenectomy may be a good alternative.