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used of seeds or spores that are enclosed in a capsule

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influenzae is an important cause of human disease worldwide and serotype b (Hib) capsulated strains cause invasive infections, such as meningitis, septicemia, and septic arthritis, particularly in infants, many classification methodologies have been tried to better determine their virulence [4-8].
The median tumour size of the tumour in our study was 5 cm in capsulated variant and 3 cm in non-encapsulated variant, 14 of 26 cases (54%) of FVPTC exceeded more than 4 cm.
High-precision Capsulated Color Filter decreases light reflection for better viewing as well as filtering out unnecessary elements in red, green and blue light for purer color reproduction.
On cut section larger bits shows thin capsulated, grey brown and greyish white areas are shown.
The agreement allows Sugarloaf to manufacture and vend a variety of NASCAR products, including plush toys, vinyl toys, beanie plush toys, hats, watches and capsulated toys.
MACROSCOPY FINDING: The specimen was globular, well capsulated mass of 3x2x1 cm in diameter which was soft, cystic in nature.
Each market's mobile version includes capsulated, hourly-updated news in over 60 categories, local weather, classified ad listings utilizing "click-to-dial" links, "click-to-dial" business listings, mobile-enabled community discussions and more.
They are nonmotile (except E gallinarum and E casseliflavus), non capsulated organism nonhemolytic usually but sometimes show alpha or beta hemolysis (1,2).
Integral's proprietary ElectriPlast technology is a capsulated, highly conductive recipe, specifically designed for molding or extruding.
Ultrasound features are well defined predominantly hypoechoic or isoechoic capsulated solid mass lesion arising from tail or head of epididymis.
Its well received products include it's Menopause Relief(TM) supplement, a specially formulated product to alleviate hot flashes and night sweats, the two most common symptoms of menopause; UTI Screening Test Kit(R) for the detection of urinary tract infections; UTI Relief(R) for relief of pain and burning associated with urinary tract infections; and Cranberry-Plus(TM), a capsulated formulation containing cranberry and blue berry extracts for the prevention of urinary tract infections.
GROSS: (Fig: 1) The specimen was a soft tissue mass, along with coccyx measuring 7 X 6 X 4 cm, soft to firm in consistency and well capsulated.
The integration of SPSS analytical solutions into the ProChannel suite will provide end users with new levels of insight into capsulated data, enabling them to better recognize business trends and respond rapidly, while at the same time develop more accurate forecasts.
External surface: Capsulated Globular, sold, firm mass.
Capsulated or true lipomas are easy to diagnose when compared to pseudolipoma.