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Synonyms for capsulate

enclose in a capsule

used of seeds or spores that are enclosed in a capsule

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Jackson questions this reading, noting that "King did not mention this epiphany publicly for nearly a year ..." and thus "it is quite possible that King used this event as a rhetorical device to capsulate a yearlong journey marked by a consistent struggle with fear and doubt" (110-111).
"That allows them to capsulate the rating or quoting logic and expose it to multiple applications."
The digital opportunity initiatives include attracting foreign investment in ICT sector; pragmatic and market-driven regulatory framework, introducing venture capital funds, creation of Virtual Universities and ICT Centers, bringing up new technology-based infrastructure, promotion of ICT education through International Certification programs, Telemedicine, Voice of IP Initiative and a number of other important fundamentals creating a greenhouse for nurturing ICT driven development and economic initiatives, which promise to capsulate the digital divide both for Pakistani society at large and accelerating the pace of business and industry in particular.
Now, rather than trying to capsulate key information in one or two sentences, I can point to a detailed summary that is very beneficial to banking, business and educational leaders as well as others with an interest."
I discovered one particular advantage of being a Seventh Day Baptist as I undertook this article to capsulate the life and contributions of Jennings Randolph, a United States representative and senator from West Virginia for over fifty years and a prominent Seventh Day Baptist.
But the book is very valuable because few studies so succinctly capsulate the key teachings of different exegetical giants.
"It's a tough one to sort of capsulate," Nystrom said.
When we compare corporate Web sites to determine best practices, we believe that sites should have investor-friendly "sub-sections" of the IR site that capsulate key information so that investors don't have to wade through SEC filings.
Many students at this level of academia have already written a master's thesis and are acquainted with the path that must be trod in order to produce a document that will capsulate their research and findings.