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a windlass rotated in a horizontal plane around a vertical axis

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At that time the yard was a hive of activity with wagons being hauled in and out by a system of ropes and capstans.
Two 100m 300-person accommodation/work barges will each feature eight-point mooring systems, with an 85-tonne line pull/150-tonne brake holding capacity, tugger winches and capstans. These vessels are scheduled to be delivered from the second quarter of 2015 to the third quarter of 2016.
Its products include air and water cooled compressors, steering gear (ram type, rotary vane and others), as well as a wide range of deck machinery (anchor and mooring winches, capstans, winches for AHTS and research vessels, etc.).
These days capstans are powered by petrol motors, electricity, hydraulics or even pneumatics.
It holds the rope with a 1% MBL, the standard reference load specified by international bodies, with the tensioning supplied by multiwrap twin-wheel capstans positioned in-line between the pay-off and the take-up.
for insulating and jacketing wire and cable with thermoplastic, thermoset, and fluoropolymer compounds, and for foam/ coax extrusion; fiber-optic extrusion coating lines; single and multilayer sheet lines with roll widths to 42 in.; spiral winders for hose reinforcement; automatic crossover wire dual take-ups and coilers; patented dual flyer pay-offs; shaftless pay-offs and take-ups to capacities of 30,000 lb; dual-drum, belt wrap, or open types of capstans; caterpillars for heavy-duty applications; insulation patching presses; and systems for rereeling, recoiling, length measurement, and spark testing.
I was very young, having been sent there from the Labour Exchange to work capstans, making shells.
Twin capstans with twin motors and gearboxes protect the cable and cable drum from extreme stress levels.
It utilises individual capstans for the transfer of parts.
Various styles of units include Divided and Double Drums, "I" Beam Hoists and Utility Capstans. My-te Products, Inc., 9880 E.
"We had an office and warehouse near the waterfront and Herbert's in Coventry shipped the lathes to us; we'd deliver No.4 capstans by bullock cart.
We begin claustrophobically, the entire company spilling out into the auditorium in front of the stage curtains for the inquest on Grimes's mysteriously deceased apprentice; but then, as the first Sea Interlude fills the lungs of the willing orchestra, the setting transforms into a harbour, real fishing-boats and working capstans.
The evolution of electronic motion control blossomed as designers saw that direct-drive paper-tape capstans gave the best performance.