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a windlass rotated in a horizontal plane around a vertical axis

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As my grandad, a full-sstrength Capstan smoker who had a few pints most nights and lived into his 80s used to say to me about everything official: "They're kidding the goolies off you, son."
Bassler was previously a managing partner of Capstan Capital, which won Mid-Market Corporate Finance Firm of the Year.
Instead, it loops around an oversized servo-driven capstan and is directed back toward the extruder again before looping around another capstan and making a third pass through the cooling zone.
Parman, partner at Capstan Advisors moderated the discussion among four panelists including Vanessa Scaglione, Head of Americas and Pacific, Real Estate Services at Marsh & McLennan, James Love, Vice President, Head of Real Estate Transactions at Goldman Sachs, Craig Robinson, President USA at Colliers International and Ann Duncan, Executive Vice President, Head of Occupier Services at Savills Studley.
There will be activities in the Hub, and Capstan's Bazaar will be in the Garden Room.
The Rolls Royce of cigarette brands was the "Capstan full strength" and no matter how desperate I was for a choker I could never finish one of these.
"When I go food shopping in the supermarket and the cigarettes are all behind screens I see shoppers getting frustrated when the shop assistant can't find the brands, and sometimes for a bit of fun I have asked for defunct brands like Capstan Full Strength, Craven A lights and when they can't find them, I ask for the manager.
By 1914 Alfred Herbert Ltd had 2,000 employees and specialised in making hexagon turret lathes, capstan lathes, automatic turning machines, automatic screw machines, milling machines and ball bearing drilling machines.
Back in Newcastle, the gas holder appears in the distance in both pictures, but I wonder how many folk still smoke Capstan full-strength ciggies, as advertised above the old corner shop.
It goes without saying that the square slice and full-strength Capstan will have to be curtailed, along with excess alcohol.
There is no record of such a device ever having been constructed, but if it had been, I really feel sorry for the two guys working the capstan!
Capstan has started losing its share as BAT has introduced another brand as Capstan by Pall Mall, which has started capturing its share from the market.
I'm 65 years old, I began smoking when I was 14, smoking Woodbine, Park Drive and Capstan Full Strength.
The Sidewinder Pull & Assist Winch features a 32-inch diameter capstan lhat provides a controlled force when pulling rope or tape.