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the outer covering of protein surrounding the nucleic acid of a virus

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AskBio's gene therapy platform includes proprietary cell line manufacturing process known as Pro10TM and an extensive AAV capsid library.
To their surprise, when the cells made the Arc protein, it clumped together into a form that resembled a viral capsid, the shell that contains a virus' genetic information.
He found that regions of the code were similar to that from viral capsids. An essential tool for viral infection, capsids carry virus' genetic information and deliver it from cell to cell in its victim.
Consequently, this would cause accumulation of viral capsids and pregenomic RNAs (pgRNAs) in hepatocytes.
On the other hand, the MS2 capsid sympathizes with the pac site of DNA or RNA and can encapsulate the target RNA or DNA by locating at the five terminus of the pac site.
The work is the culmination of studies carried out over the last decade looking at different portions of the cone-shaped container, or the capsid. The final piece of the puzzle details the structure of the two ends of the cone.
Therefore, viruses could be inactivated by ozone acting on the protein structure of a virus capsid or on nucleic acids of viruses.
These limitations are the result of polyomavirus VLPs assays using expression of the VP1 capsid protein (4), a highly homologous gene among JCV, BKV, and SV40 (3).
Unlike currently available anti-CMV agents that inhibit CMV DNA polymerase, maribivar inhibits viral DNA assembly and inhibits egress of viral capsids from the nucleus of infected cells.
Gelbart were struck by the fact that experiments dating back to the 1960s showed that viral capsids with icosahedral symmetry will form spontaneously in a solution of capsid proteins, given the right conditions of temperature, pH, and salinity.
"Studies by a number of groups have demonstrated that AAV vectors containing AAV1 serotype capsids are extremely efficient for gene expression when delivered to muscle.
Both of these vaccines contain inactivated whole-virus particles and empty capsids produced in infected cell cultures, and both are adsorbed to alum in an effort to enhance immunogenicity.
The companies have agreed to terminate Sanofi Genzyme's (SNY) option rights and joint efforts under the original 2015 collaboration agreement and amend and restate a separate agreement focused on the discovery and development of novel AAV capsids for use in programs to be developed and commercialized by Sanofi Genzyme.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Using novel computational and biochemical approaches, scientists have designed and built from scratch 10 large protein icosahedra that are similar to viral capsids that carry viral DNA.