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Restriction fragments length polymorphism and genetic distances among Mexican accessions of Capsicum.
Although the genus Capsicum is an important food and spice crop the world over, an accurate picture of the taxonomy of this New World genus is 'a work in progress.
The soft, fresh slab of Norwegian pink salmon was served with shredded seasoned capsicum, onion and other veggies and topped with a subtly tangy lemon butter sauce.
50) which was a combination of chicken tikka, keema and garden peas with sliced onions, capsicum, tomatoes and a touch of balti sauce.
Marketing opportunities for capsicums are excellent locally as they are sold in hotels, hospitals, directly to consumers or middlemen.
Efecto de la inoculacion micorrizica en la altura de las plantas de Capsicum chinense Jacq
Capsicum Re identifies that reinsurers are responding with both non-affirmative solutions, such as Capsicum Res own Cyclone net retention product, and affirmative solutions that include stop loss policies.
El genero Capsicum (Solanaceae) incluye alrededor de 30 especies, y entre ellas, los ajies son oriundos de America donde son elementos indispensables en la cocina.
Pendulum, which in conjunction with reported genetic linkage maps of Capsicum, would be useful for future high-density genetic mapping and whole-genome studies in C.
Capsicum is one of the most important vegetable crops and is widely cultivated throughout the warm, temperate, tropical and subtropical countries.
Unlike other members of the Solanaceae family, which have morphogenesis easily reproduced protocols, chillies and peppers of the genus Capsicum are recalcitrant to in vitro culturing.
The genus Capsicum is on often cross pollinated and natural cross pollination may go up to 50 per cent depending upon the extent of style exertion, time of dehiscence of anthers, wind direction and insect population (Murthy and Murthy, 1962; Hosmani, 1993).
This study was conducted to quantify the antioxidant and anti-viral activities of Capsicum annuum methanolic extracts.
In India, these veggies are better known as capsicum.
It is very hard to ignore the presence of the crunchy, colourful, tangy and sweet capsicum or bell peppers in our daily diet.