caproic acid

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a fatty acid found in animal oils and fats or made synthetically

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01 Values are means ([+ or -] SD) of triplicate analysis Table 4: Composition of fatty acids of Raphionacme splendens tubers Fatty acids % fatty acid Caproic acid C6:0 0.
67 g capric acid (C10:0), and trace amounts of caprylic acid (C8:0) and caproic acid (C6:0), whereas soybean oil had almost no MCFA (Table 2).
Short-chain fatty acids such as butyric acid, caproic acid, and caprylic acid confers strong and spicy taste, on the other hand, the mediumchain fatty acids such as capric acid and lauric acid have greater participation in the formation of "soapy taste" (CHEN et al.
Commercial glycerol (Dinamica, Brazil) was utilized as a plasticizer, and the fatty acids that were used were caproic acid (99%, Vetec, Brazil), lauric acid (98%, Vetec, Brazil), and stearic acid (PA, Synth, Brazil).
The Pg molecule contains lysine binding sites (LBS) to which lysine or its analogues carrying both an amino group and a free carboxyl group bind; among them: arginine and epsilon amino caproic acid ([epsilon]ACA).
Kinetics of the second order in general was also observed by Sorokin, when he studied the non-catalyzed reaction of phenyl glycidyl ether with caproic acid (Sorokin, 1968).