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Scientists at Fort Valley State University undertook a study to compare the textural characteristics of a Cheddar-type caprine milk cheese with those of its whole milk counterpart.
Caprine arthritis encephalitis is a virus to which our closed herd has not been exposed.
Dimethyl sulfoxide perfusion in caprine ovarian tissue and its relationship with follicular viability after cryopreservation.
As at the West Mound, small ruminants are dominant with a majority of domestic forms, although wild caprines are still present in the assemblage.
The expiry of the provisional MRLs in Table 1, EU Regulation No 37/2010 for eprinomectin, for Ovine and Caprine species, applicable to muscle, fat, liver, kidney and milk, on 1 July 2014.
capricolum, one of the causal agents of caprine contagious agalactia, on the island of Lanzarote (Spain).
In 2012, the lab system had 30,567 cases submitted to it (4,255 equine, 6,952 bovine, 1,855 caprine, 340 porcine, 819 ovine, 2,064 other mammals, 3,063 chicken, 477 turkey, 1,114 other avian, and 9,805 cases in which a species was not provided, involving feed or bedding samples, etc.
AIMSPRO (Hyperimmune Caprine Sera, HICS) is a proprietary, purified, protein-multi-peptide conjugate com-plex being developed as a novel, first-in-class biological treatment for a number of immune diseases where regulation and stabilisation of the immune system is required.
In case of ovine and caprine BM-MSCs, the attachment began by 6-8 days and became completely confluent by 10-13 days.
Shilla Growing Rods in a Caprine Animal Model: A Pilot Study.
Serum can be obtained commercially from manufacturers and they are sourced from a variety of species including bovine, chicken, caprine (goat), equine, human, ovine, porcine and rabbit as depicted in Table 1 (Invitrogen online)).
The immunization campaign, currently in its third phase, is aimed at preventing the spread of foot and mouth disease, contagious caprine pleuropneumonia (CCPP), Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) and sheep and goat pox.
Angiotensin I converting enzyme-inhibitory activity of bovine, ovine, and caprine kappa-casein macropeptides and their tryptic hydrolysates.
present a handbook on neurologic conditions in canine, feline, bovine, caprine, equine, ovine, porcine, and other species.
Distribution of Heavy Metals in the Liver, Kidney and Meat of Beef, Mutton, Caprine and Chicken from Kasuwan Shanu Market in Maiduguri Metropolis, Borno State, Nigeria.