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equal parts of espresso and hot milk topped with cinnamon and nutmeg and usually whipped cream

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Another sign that the category is gaining importance is that equipment manufacturers have built an infrastructure in the foodservice industry for instant cappuccinos. These machines use the same concept developed for hot cocoa mixes.
From a small cortado to larger cappuccinos, a variety of recipes can be created from each one:
When is the right time to drink a camel cappuccino? Straight after 'dessert'
"Camel milk cappuccinos could become a permanent feature on our menus."
"As a result of that he's got picked for the Republic of Ireland, so he owes me two cappuccinos."
The 37-year-old actress said that she started out as a model and when she went to Italy to build her look she gained 15lb from all the pasta and cappuccinos that were part of her life over there, the Sun reported.
The Rose & Crown pub steamed up 150 cappuccinos between 10am and 11am for the World's Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan on Friday - comfortably beating the old record of 106.
A FORMER school teacher hopes his design for a Liver Bird-shaped cappuccino sprinkler will prove a big hit with coffee lovers.
"The plot of it came from my wife's experiences as one of the ladies you see drinking their cappuccinos in the cafes of Mumbles," he says.
And wouldn't robots be better at making cappuccinos? Whenever there is a queue at any cafe there is a direct correlation between the fact that there is only one member of staff working and the length of time it takes to make a cappuccino.
Be sure to include a variety of espresso drinks, including cappuccinos and lattes.
Over at the Rep theatre's Wine Republic wine bar, cappuccinos are pounds 1.50.
The UK Barista Champion James Hoffmann said South Caernarfon Creameries' Fresh CafA milk was perfect for creating top cappuccinos.
The report by retail analysts Allegra Strategies shows the average cost of a 12oz cappuccino has risen to pounds 1.71 - and for the first time in four years milky lattes are more popular than frothy cappuccinos.
Many coffee bars deliver a wide selection of hot beverages, from lattes and cappuccinos to hot mocha drinks and creamy chai's.