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flesh of a castrated male chicken

castrated male chicken

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For fowl, prices were set as follows: a Sangley capon sold for three and a half reals; a laying Sangley-hen, two and a half reals; a Moro hen, two reals; a pullet, one and a half reals; a male chicken, one real.
A significantly lower moisture content and shear values (p<0.05) were found in the breast and thigh muscles of the capons than were found in the intact birds along with a significantly greater fat content (p<0.05) in the capons.
The Pectoralis major and the Gastrocnemiu pars extrna fiber areas in the capons were significantly (p<0.05) smaller than those in the intact birds.
In reality, Capons work covers only the first three chapters of Genesis.
While often engaging reading, Capons work suffers from unnecessary (and at times annoying) digressions and ramblings.
'So if you're stuck for a gift this Christmas perhaps you can draw inspiration of Sir William More's capons.'
What a man really wants is a chicken - preferably a capon, pictured, a male bird castrated to improve the quality of its flesh for eating.
Two whole boiled veal in five large platters and then each [person] was served with five pieces of veal and five of mutton [castrato], three of [senguato], three whole kids, six small chickens, six capons, tete-de-veau, and with the boiled meats [bollito], five plates of sausage [salsume], and the milk-filled teats of a pig [presucti somete salsusole] and ten plates of minestra of pumpkin [agnolotti filled with pumpkin].
Five plates with two capons each, covered with green sauce [verdemangiare] decorated with flowers.
All are capable of selling you a really tasty turkey, fresh or frozen, capon, duck, pheasant and if that doesn't satisfy your Christmas needs, there is lamb, all cuts of beef, pork, sausage meat, and a range of game birds.
Capons are male chickens whose testes have been surgically removed.
In Taiwan, caponization is performed on male chickens at proper body weight (600 to 1,200 g), with the capons fed to about 26 weeks old.
The pleasures of this glorious region extend also to the table, with rillettes, chicken and capons washed down with wine or sparkling cider.
Capons can make "mothers" for brooding young chicks, and were at one time generally used this way in France.
Dying of cancer, former President of France Francois Mitterrand ordered a last meal of oysters, foie gras, capons and a tiny, yellow-throated songbird that is illegal to eat and said to embody the soul of France.