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flesh of a castrated male chicken

castrated male chicken

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Sensory panels scores for thigh muscle tenderness and breast muscle juiciness showed no significant differences between the two; however, the capons tended to have higher scores.
Moreover, the capons received higher taste panel scores for flavor, tenderness and juiciness than did the intact birds.
Comparison of some selected growth, physiological and bone characteristics of capon, slip and intact birds in Taiwan country chicken cockerels.
Robert Capon, an Episcopal priest best known for popular devotional works on Jesus (e.
Following his movie analogy, Capon reads each day in Genesis 1 as a separate "act;" intermission occurs after day seven.
Capon is no biblical fundamentalist and so refuses to find Jesus "hidden" in every passage or to engage in simplistic "prediction-fulfillment" categories.
What a man really wants is a chicken - preferably a capon, pictured, a male bird castrated to improve the quality of its flesh for eating.
Five plates with two capons each, covered with green sauce [verdemangiare] decorated with flowers.
Five large plates with roasted veal shanks and three plates of mutton [castrato], two whole kids, three whole suckling pigs, four capons, and eight ducks per plate.
All are capable of selling you a really tasty turkey, fresh or frozen, capon, duck, pheasant and if that doesn't satisfy your Christmas needs, there is lamb, all cuts of beef, pork, sausage meat, and a range of game birds.
Capons are male chickens whose testes have been surgically removed.
In Taiwan, caponization is performed on male chickens at proper body weight (600 to 1,200 g), with the capons fed to about 26 weeks old.
Capons don't eat as much as hens or cocks, and they don't stop growing until they're really big.
Capons are much calmer in disposition than hens and cocks, and are juicy and tender at any age.
Dining on copious amounts of oysters, foie gras and capons, President Mitterrand dozed off after each course.