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the head of a branch of an organized crime syndicate

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In addition to its own products, Capo is the exclusive distributor of Polaroid brand eyewear products in North America.
La rutina del capo dentro del penal estuvo lejos de ser un castigo.
Con base en dichos mensajes, el sabado 5 el juez Primero en Materia de Amparo y Procesos Federales en el Estado de Mexico concedio una suspension de plano y ordeno a las autoridades federales "cesen de inmediato" las acciones de las cuales se queja el capo.
Parece que no pudo haber mejor publicidad para la pelicula mexicana Capo.
With a combined total of more than 60 years of bridal apparel and accessory advertising experience, Capo, along with Duhe and Rachel Bashner round out the fashion advertising team at Bridal Guide.
The aim of the present study was to characterise the biomechanical and metabolic loads of the CAPO Kids exercise program, in boys and girls.
Rodrigo Capo Ortega played in <Bthe 2003 World Cup for Uruguay
Primero, avanzo que tanto El Cartel como El Capo construyen un sujeto femenino que a veces es obj etivado y enteramente subordinado a la figura masculina,--es decir un sujeto tradicional o macondista en referencia a lo senalado por Garcia Canclini mencionado anteriormente--y otras veces, lo construyen como agentivo, empoderado y liberado--es decir, un sujeto moderno y urbano con proyeccion cosmopolita.
Capo took on the course in the 450cc category with a Yamaha WR450F, finishing 7th in the super special stage, 8th in the first stage, 17th in the second stage, 4th in the fourth stage, and 2nd in the final.
Tom Dascombe has always thought a lot of Capo Rosso and that one can land a four-timer in Leg three back at Sandown.
Reportedly, police fired teargases at protesters who were led by Luang Pu Buddha Isara and besieged the CAPO head office, leaving at least one person injured.
Adaptacion de los distritos industriales a un entorno competitivo globalizado Capo Vicedo Josep, Capo Jordi
Wellington, Dec11 ( ANI ): World's fastest talker, Fran Capo, who can speak 11 words per second, is apparently a woman you would avoid sitting next to at a party.
Aleppo, (SANA) -- Amid popular and official participation, martyrs of terrorist bombing that ripped through Capo Grillo restaurant on Thursday in Aleppo city were escorted from the military hospital in Aleppo to their final resting place.
USMX CEO James Capo called the ILA's bargaining stand "uncompromising" and "contrary to the history of cooperation" that has marked the past 35 years of contract negotiations.