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very small northern fish

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One of the Caplins' main recommendations for life's stresses and strains is to practise yoga (yes, I know, shocking isn't it?).
IN ALL the furore over Cherie Blair's misguided choice of property adviser, the critics have also had a field day over her ``cranky'' friend and partner of the dodgy dealer, Sylvia Caplin.
Ms Caplin has been taken to task because she once had her picture taken topless (the bread and butter of the tabloid press) and because, horror of horrors, she and her mother had a company which promoted alternative therapies.
The Caplins, together with architect Mark Guard, worked towards a "modernist, not minimalist" house using cutting-edge materials to complement the Victorian details, while managing to be a practical family home for Louis, three, and Noah, who's almost two.
James and Marie Caplin had no choice - it was the only area of London they could afford back in 1993.