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very small northern fish

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Ms Caplin hit the headlines once again in recent days with reports that she has had her No 10 security pass taken from her, plans to write a book about her time with the Blairs and feels threatened by people prying into her affairs.
A statement issued last night by her lawyers said Ms Caplin had no intention of disclosing confidential information about the Blair family.
Earlier, Mr Foster's girlfriend, Ms Caplin - a confidante of Mrs Blair - said she had had the papers faxed to her at the Blairs' home.
In response, Caplin has created a powerful new set of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript libraries that provide core web trading functionality, together with tools to accelerate and de-risk large scale development projects.
and Mary (Levine) Caplin and lived here most of his life.
Peddling influence is a lucrative game and Caplin may hope to cash in.
Once Cherie's adviser at 10 Downing Street, she said she lost the battle for Cherie's heart and mind to Carole Caplin.
But Defence Minister Ivor Caplin insisted measures were already being put in place to improve safety, and promised more "enhancements" to restrict military operations in civilian airspace.
Yesterday, Caplin said: 'I haven't ruled out holding a public inquiry.
CHERIE Blair's "lifestyle guru" Carole Caplin has been banned from helping the Prime Minister's wife choose what clothes she wears.
Carole Caplin, a nobody who became a somebody through her relationship with Tony and Cherie Blair, has become the greatest threat to the new Labour project.
I'm not saying Cherie Blair's pal, Carole Caplin, is a mentalist (whatever that may be) or a stalker, but those dozens of pictures of the Blair family on her walls take some explaining.
Cherie reaped the fall-out of agreeing that Australian fraudster Foster - the boyfriend of her confidante and "lifestyle guru" Carole Caplin - to negotiate the cut-price purchase of two flats for her in Bristol, where son Euan is attending university.
Van Hoogstraten's imprisonment was welcomed by Hove MP Ivor Caplin who represented tenants of van Hoogstraten at the notorious Portland Gate block of flats in the mid-1990s.
tax compliance activities," says Lucy Lee, a tax attorney at Caplin & Drysdale who represents foreign athletes.