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Synonyms for capitulum

a dense cluster of flowers or foliage


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fruiting spike of a cereal plant especially corn

an arrangement of leafy branches forming the top or head of a tree

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All participants noted the capitulum and/or trochlea as an important morphological feature for pair-matching the humerus.
Gas exchanges were determined in the third or fourth fully expanded leaf, below the capitulum. Photosynthetic rate (A), stomatal conductance (gs), leaf transpiration rate (E), water use efficiency (WUE.), leaf temperature (LT) and intracellular C[O.sub.2] concentration (c.) were determined using a portable infrared gas analyzer (IRGA, Li-Cor, Li-6400 model), in five plants of each treatment.
To obtain length measurements, a plastic ruler was placed into the peat and the longest shoot was measured from the peat surface to the head of the capitulum. The final fresh mass for each pot was measured, and the percent change in mass was then obtained by dividing the change in mass by the initial fresh mass.
The red circle (1) indicates the center of the top of the capitulum.
Seed/Ovule ratio: To determine the S/O rate in the collected 25 capitulum, the mean number of disk flowers and filled achenes per capitulum were reported as 33.1 and 11.7, respectively.
Stainless steel needles (0.16 mm diameter) were inserted bilaterally in the ST36 acupoint, which was located in the anterolateral portion of the hindlimb, in the middle of the cranial tibial muscle, 5 mm below the capitulum fibulae, 7 mm deep from the skin surface, and is innervated by the deep fibular nerve [23].
For the patellar taping, the tape length was measured as starting from the capitulum fibulae and ending on the medial border of patella.
Humero de un especimen hembra de Mazama gouazoubira en vista caudal (A) y lateral (B) del antimero izquierdo medial (C) y craneal (D) del lado derecho, revelando las medidas de acuerdo con von den Driesch (1976) y los accidentes anatomicos: cabeza del humero (1), cuello del humero (2), fosa del olecranon (3), tuberosidad mayor (4), tuberosidad deltoidea (5), fosa radial (6), epicondilo lateral ( 7), capitulum (8), tuberosidad menor (9), surco intertubercular (10), tuberosidad redonda mayor (11), epicondilo medial (12), condilo lateral / capitulum (13) y condilo medial / troclea (14).
Conversely, the capitulum possessed female traits at both sides, including a pair of porose areas and equal-sized palps (Figs.
All the weeds of Asteraceae family also herbaceous, leaves variable with pinnate venation and Inflorescence a head (capitulum) with many flowers with involucral bracts surrounding it, or tongue-shaped (ligulate).
Plants may produce one to three flowering scapes each bearing a single capitulum that is about 2-5 cm in diameter.
Avascular necrosis of the femoral head, flared long bone metaphysis/epiphysis, enlarged capitulum of the distal humerus have also been reported.
All the weeds of asteraceae family also herbaceous, leaves variable with pinnate venation and Inflorescence a head (capitulum, A) with many flowers with involucral bracts surrounding it (B Flowers small, either tubular (C), or tongue-shaped (ligulate).