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Synonyms for capitulate

Synonyms for capitulate

to give in from or as if from a gradual loss of strength

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surrender under agreed conditions

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before Hollywood cast a caustic eye on the venal Chirac and his band of capitulators."
The battle between the "realists" (or "capitulators") and the "ultras" exposes dangerous cracks in the Blairite citadel.
Mass, unpredictable terror was intrinsic to his rule, Knight shows, and his obsession with traitors and capitulators was more than personal paranoia.
They are the harmonizers, the integrationists, the capitulators, the abandoners of a nation.
As many scholars take up the relatively new topic of consumerism, the spending of wages and salaries cannot be dismissed, as Montgomery tends to do, as a kind of capitalist plot in which workers are portrayed as mere capitulators to materialism.