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Synonyms for capitulation


Synonyms for capitulation

the act of submitting or surrendering to the power of another

Synonyms for capitulation

a document containing the terms of surrender

a summary that enumerates the main parts of a topic

the act of surrendering (usually under agreed conditions)

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The newspapers, which were issued about one in the morning contained no particulars of the terms upon which New York had yielded--nor did they give any intimation of the quality of the brief conflict that had preceded the capitulation. The later issues remedied these deficiencies.
After the smashing of the City Hall and Post-Office, the white flag had been hoisted from a tower of the old Park Row building, and thither had gone Mayor O'Hagen, urged thither indeed by the terror-stricken property owners of lower New York, to negotiate the capitulation with Von Winterfeld.
They found it still in the hands of the disgusted gunners, who had been ordered to cease fire at the capitulation, and it was easy to infect these men with their own spirit.
From above they could inflict immense damage; they could reduce any organised Government to a capitulation in the briefest space, but they could not disarm, much less could they occupy, the surrendered areas below.
It was capitulation; but the Combine that had shivered beneath his knife gave him all the honours of war: Gunsberg himself, full of condolences, came to the steamer and filled the Chapins' suite of cabins with overwhelming flower-works.
The prominent lawyer also called the first-term minister's statement for Malaysians to 'move on' after Dr Zakir's so-called apology as a mere capitulation.
THE Birmingham bin strike is officially over after city council bosses approved payoffs worth PS3,500 each to striking workers - a move slammed as capitulation by Tories.
He also quoted from a recent New York Times editorial which interpreted the ongoing US-Taliban talks as 'negotiated capitulation by the international forces'.
In a dramatic press conference, he said that a recent cease-fire with Hamas was "a capitulation to terror" and called for new elections "as soon as possible." A full day after Liberman said he would leave the Defense Ministry, a new survey in the Russia-language newspaper Newsru found that Yisrael Beytenu's support is rising among the faction's Russian-speaking base.
Filipino forces were excluded from the battle and the terms of capitulation of Manila were signed by the United States and Spain.
Summary: Where does one go in the quest for the elusive 'capitulation trade'?
By ELIAS MAKORIKenya Sevens on Saturday complicated their chances of making it to the medal bracket in the 2018 Gold Coast commonwealth Games after falling 40-7 to New Zealand in their second pool match.The Innocent Simiyu-coached side started well, beating Canada 26-10 in their opening match early Saturday but it is the capitulation against the islanders that all but ended their hopes of making it top the last four.
Summary: Lahore [Pakistan], December 5 (ANI): A social activist has gone missing from Pakistan's Lahore city following a discussion session on the topic of extremism in context of a recent sit-in staged by religious parties in Faizabad and state's subsequent capitulation to it.
The choice is capitulation as in 1972, or to actually leave the EU and use the WTO trade deal.