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Synonyms for capitulate

Synonyms for capitulate

to give in from or as if from a gradual loss of strength

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surrender under agreed conditions

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England is renowned for capitulating under pressure, but we never got ruthless or flexed our muscle," he said.
To some, such probing inquiries regarding religion's place in the public square come uncomfortably close to breaching the free exercise clause and potentially capitulating to the kind of politico-religious tendencies that John Howard Yoder has memorably deemed "Constantinian." Yet these profoundly human and spiritual issues are central to the hopes of those cultures seeking peace in a blessed, broken world.
But instead of capitulating Vale bounced back to dominate the rest of the game.
Tyson motioned to his knee during the opening round of Friday's fight, but boxed on before capitulating in a fourth-round knockout by the Brixton-born fighter.
Reno asserts that we should accept, "the reality of the church and wear the fetters that our age has given us to wear: an increasing inarticulate theological tradition, a capitulating and culturally captive church, a disintegrating spiritual discipline." These are strong sentiments and many will think them too stark.
Moreover, she tends to see white women's narratives as ultimately capitulating to the advantages of membership in the middle class.
"A whole generation of public relations firms specialize in capitulating." The latest gimmick, he adds, is to hire people who work for attack organizations, then get them together with a corporate client.
Capitulating at Old Trafford to Bolton, West Ham and Middlesbrough, as well as Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, cost Fergie a record fourth successive crown.