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Synonyms for capitulate

Synonyms for capitulate

to give in from or as if from a gradual loss of strength

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surrender under agreed conditions

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Kensington Fields triumphed 4-1 at Toller FC while FC Dovecot capitulated 3-1 at home to Hope inn Whites and the game between Queens Park and FC Soho will be played tomorrow after a waether postponement last sunday.
The hosts capitulated thereafter, losing their last five wickets for 23 runs in the space of 61 deliveries.
"The saddest part was that we capitulated and that's not something I would associate with me or my teams.
"It was disappointing how we capitulated at 2-0 and we are going to have to learn lessons quickly," he said.
Mullen was obviously fuming after first half goals from Michael Rickets and Jabo Ibehre were wiped out in the closing stages by strikes from Anthony Sweeney, Matty Robson and James Brown as his shellshocked players capitulated against the Pool, But he has challenged themto bounce back against the Foxes, who are second in the table.
The tourists capitulated to 85 all out in 39 overs to hand their opponents a 2-0 series lead.
1940: France capitulated and accepted the armistice terms of Germany.
If Britain had capitulated in 1940 to Adolf Hitler, then the reality of the situation is that today we would have been living under the rule of a brutal and fascist regime.
And the piece de resistance, as ACLUers in Texas say: A week before Christmas, the school board of Cobb County, Georgia, which had been placing anti-evolution stickers on biology textbooks, capitulated. Settling a lawsuit filed by parents of some brave students in the district, the school board agreed to remove their anti-evolution stickers from biology textbooks and to refrain from any other interference with the teaching of biology in the future.
Then, in March 2002 Bishop Kamphaus capitulated after being issued with a second order from the Vatican to stop supporting the counselling service in his diocese.
Speer evaded confessing his complicity in Nazi crimes until, near the end of his life, he capitulated under Gitta Sereny's persistent questioning.
Rather than encouraging all churches to engage in a respectful dialogue, they have capitulated to the intransigence of conservative factions from both within the Anglican Communion and other denominations.
Former party members stuck together and pulled for each other, and the new university administrators capitulated before this political pressure.
He also savaged Labour for having "capitulated" to Europe over fishing quotas.
Following on 219 runs behind, the hosts capitulated to 125 all out .