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Synonyms for capitulary

of or pertaining to an ecclesiastical chapter


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For this liturgical period, the composer's collection in the capitulary archive contains two pastoral masses, six Christmas motets, six Christmas offertorios, rorate, and four pastorellas.
A Carolingian capitulary describing cold water ordeals required a knot to be made in the rope attached to the proband at a prescribed length from his body, defining the depth to which he had to sink to prove his innocence.
(33) The substantially milder tone of the second capitulary on Saxony issued by the king soon thereafter in 797 may therefore reflect Alcuin's moderating influence.
(40) Capitulare generale (anno 789), in Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Leges (General capitulary (year 789) in Historical Monuments of Germany, The Laws), vol.
But it also reveals a kind of public order maintained by counts and bishops as well as by kings, without there always being a strong sense that more of one might have meant less of the other.(39) This public order was one of norms rather than institutions, lacking Carolingian-style supervision by missi or exhortation by capitulary. In this respect also it followed east Frankish precedent.