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of or pertaining to an ecclesiastical chapter


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The document was an important one since it possessed its own manuscript history and it was not included wholesale into collections of capitularies (TISCHLER 2008, p.
These included decretals, capitularies, and chancery records as well as chronicles, religious texts, art, and poetry.
This is a thing horrible to imagine, contrary to the divine right and the capitularies. (3.) Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century, tr.
An "extraordinary range of evidence" is considered, including the popular Vita karoli by Einhard, the Annales regni francorum (RFA), and the revised RFA, along with the less-popular capitularies, charters, letters, minor annals, and poetry.
She notes that Capitula episcoporum is not a coherent genre because the various capitula differ significantly among themselves and because the capitula bear close similarities to the acts of church councils and also to the capitularies of the Frankish kings.
He tackled these by establishing missi domini, trusted counsellors with delegated powers who penetrated every part of his enormous realm, which ran from the Elbe to the Tiber, conveying his will in documents known as 'capitularies'.