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of or pertaining to an ecclesiastical chapter


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For a more recent attempt to clarify the point, arguing that the normative discourses of capitularies and chronicles need to be read against the cultural and social assumptions evident in the charters, rather than through a modernising lens which prejudges what rulers ought to have been attempting, see Innes, M.
This is a thing horrible to imagine, contrary to the divine right and the capitularies.
An "extraordinary range of evidence" is considered, including the popular Vita karoli by Einhard, the Annales regni francorum (RFA), and the revised RFA, along with the less-popular capitularies, charters, letters, minor annals, and poetry.
She notes that Capitula episcoporum is not a coherent genre because the various capitula differ significantly among themselves and because the capitula bear close similarities to the acts of church councils and also to the capitularies of the Frankish kings.
18) There may no longer have been a king or a fisc for any practical purposes in most of west Francia, but the public order and sets of public institutions so eloquently invoked in the capitularies of Charlemagne and Louis the Pious still helped to legitimize the holders of power in the localities, whose clerics indeed now stressed that they were the equivalents of kings (and did not mean by that simply that they could do as they pleased).
The citing of this scriptural justification for the practice of anointing the sick is commonplace in the capitularies and priestly handbooks of the time, but whereas the scriptural reference is usually little more than a terse allusion (as at Briefe 3.