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a building occupied by a state legislature

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the government building in Washington where the United States Senate and the House of Representatives meet

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she has been made to wear much stranger garments in America than those she pines in, in the Capitol.
Having withstood such strong attacks upon my fortitude, it is possible that I may be of a cold and insensible temperament, amounting to iciness, in such matters; and therefore my impressions of the live pillars of the Capitol at Washington must be received with such grains of allowance as this free confession may seem to demand.
Pandora was even more interested in Mount Vernon--when at last its wooded bluff began to command the river--than she had been in the Capitol, and after they had disembarked and ascended to the celebrated mansion she insisted on going into every room it contained.
Toward the last, as they drew near Washington and the white dome of the Capitol hung aloft before them, looking as simple as a suspended snowball, he found himself, on the deck, in proximity to Mrs.
Perennial Real Estate Holdings (PREH) has announced the purchasing from Chesham Properties the remaining 50% share in three associated firms which hold the assets of Capitol Singapore.
The Wisconsin Capitol" covers the creation of the territorial capitol in 1837, the construction of the second capitol in the 1860s (and the fire that almost completely destroyed it in 1904), the eleven-year construction project that completed the third capitol in 1917, and the extensive conservation project of the 1990s that restored the building to its grandeur.
Capitol Acquisition Corp III (NASDAQ:CLAC) and Cision declared on Monday that Capitol will transfer the listing of its common stock and warrants to the New York Stock Exchange (the NYSE) on 30 June 2017, subject to and after the completion of its business combination, expected to close on or about 29 June 2017.
Paul McCartney is set to return to Capitol Records, the brand from which he launched his solo career.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 31, 2016-Capitol Federal declares True Blue Capitol dividend
Global Banking News-May 30, 2016--Capitol Federal Financial declares True Blue Capitol dividend
WASHINGTON, March 28 (KUNA) -- One person sustained minor injuries after gunshots were fired at the US Capitol on Monday, and a shooter was in custody, according to US news media.
com)-- Capitol Dental cares about the Boise community, and each year gives back through their Capitol Cares Campaign, a fundraising effort for local nonprofits.
Fifteen programs had students and faculty attend Capitol Challenge this year.
Thousands rallied at the state Capitol on Monday - most of them in opposition to legislation that would further restrict access to abortions in Texas.
Harrisburg was designated the capital in 1812, and 10 years later, legislators moved into their first official state capitol along the Susquehanna River.