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a tax levied on the basis of a fixed amount per person

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Section 7, sub-clause 4(V) of the regulations says, 'no schools or person is allowed to demand or receive capitation fee at the time of admission or afterwards.'
The book further attempts to establish the combination of forces that were responsible for the rise of the capitation fee and finds that the caste as a source of power and, later, the profit-motives, along with government policies and intervention at various levels, including legislative measures, were also responsible for this.
The PSRA stopped private schools from charging students 'capitation fee' at the time of admission or afterwards and also said the schools were not allowed to suggest or force students and their parents to purchase stationery, books, uniform or any other thing from a particular outlet or entity.
The ED has accused Naidu of taking Rs160mn in capitation fee for medical admissions besides amassing wealth of Rs1.52bn that has been seized in a phased manner.
Back in the late 1980s and 1990s, some large group physician practices tried to simplify the process of administering health care by agreeing to manage all care for patients in exchange for a flat fee, or capitation fee, for each patient served.
And this has redefined capitation fee, which has now morphed into "informed contributions" and "returnable investments."
New Delhi, June 5 ( ANI ): Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal on Tuesday hailed the proposed Common Entrance Test (CET) for engineering courses from 2013, saying this would put an end to the capitation fee process in various colleges.
Providers (and plans) paid a capitation fee have incentives to refer (or dump) patients to other providers whose services are not included in the capitation fee.
Reimbursement is usually based on a capitation fee system, although many countries have a mixed system of practice expenses, capitation fees, and fee-for-service.
HARIPUR/PARACHINAR -- The doctors, paramedics and other staff of the District Headquarters Teaching Hospital, Haripur, continued boycott of work on the second consecutive day on Saturday to protest delay in payment of allowance from the capitation fee that the hospital received from a private medical college for offering teaching services to its students.
" The medical education in India is allegedly ` 20,000- crore industry marked with capitation fee and corruption run by politicians/ businessmen.
They recovered the money collected from the students in the name of donation or capitation fee.
Prompt and effective deterrent action is constrained in the absence of any Central law prohibiting capitation fee and other unfair practices.