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a tax levied on the basis of a fixed amount per person

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Failure of the capitation payment model was predictable.
Section 7, sub-clause 4(V) of the regulations says, 'no schools or person is allowed to demand or receive capitation fee at the time of admission or afterwards.'
Feedback from the respondents suggested that expenditure of the capitation grants have been more transparent with the involvement of the SMCs.
DataWing Software specialises in administrative solutions designed to improve efficiencies around managing eligibility files and helping health care organisations ensure maximum profitability with capitation models.
Education Minister Richard Bruton has said a commitment to increase capitation costs has been made and will be looked at in the upcoming Budget.
"If any school is found flouting the guidelines, it shall be punishable with a fine of up to 10 times the capitation fee, or Rs 5 lakh, whichever is more.
Capitation grants used to go directly to benefitting schools accounts, through the state finance ministry.
The capitation payment amount is calculated by Federal government actuaries to compensate health care providers fairly while, at the same time, incentivizing them to be efficient in the provision of medical care to their patients.
Capitation reimbursements pay a fixed amount per person regardless of the care this person receives.
This approach resembles capitation models of the 1990s, but often global payment models included features such as pay for performance, that expand the model beyond simple capitation.
3 -- Adigalar, a self-styled 'godman' of the famous Amman temple at Melvaruthur, off GST Road, was running the medical and engineering college and believed to have received huge amount as capitation fees from students for offering seats.
To capitalise on the impending national health insurance (NHI) system, private doctors need to change their mindsets from fee-for-service to capitation, sharpen up business models, practise preventive medicine in groups and outsource some office functions.
As per the bills, charging of capitation fee or failure of educational institutions to keep promises of quality education could attract imprisonment up to three years for guilty administrators or fine up to Rs 50 lakh for the institute.
At the same time, health insurers running Medicare Advantage plans will see average increases of about 3.6% in capitation rates in 2009, CMS said.
Marblehead, Mass.-based HCPro will create a new managed care market, composed of NHI's newsletters that focus on payors and vendors affiliated with payors, in such areas as disease management, capitation, and consumer-driven healthcare.