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Synonyms for capitate

the wrist bone with a rounded head shape that articulates with the 3rd metacarpus

being abruptly enlarged and globose at the tip

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As an example, a coronal section of the capitate bone as segmented from the two original volumes is shown in Figure 6.
In Figure 7, an example of 3D visualization of the three different rotation results as obtained for the capitate bone is shown.
Caption: Figure 6: (a) A sample coronal slice of the capitate bone volume segmented from the first acquisition [b.sub.I](x, y, z); (b) a sample coronal slice of the capitate bone volume from the follow-up acquisition [b.sub.II](x, y, z).
Caption: Figure 7: 3D surface visualization of the registered capitate bone (initial volume in green, follow-up volume in blue): from (a) first rotation in the coronal plane, (b) second rotation in the axial plane, and (c) third rotation in the sagittal plane.
Caption: Figure 8: Corresponding sample slices from the first initial MRI sequence (a) and the follow-up sequence (b) after registration of the capitate bone.