capitate bone

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the wrist bone with a rounded head shape that articulates with the 3rd metacarpus

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In Figure 7, an example of 3D visualization of the three different rotation results as obtained for the capitate bone is shown.
The posteroanterior (PA) radiograph of a 51-year-old female patient showed an intraosseous lytic lesion of the right capitate bone (Figure 1(a)) that was associated with a marked radionuclide uptake in all carpal bones using bone-granulocyte scintigraphy (Figure 1(b)) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) demonstrated low to intermediate signal intensity of the lesion without soft-tissue extension (Figure 1(c)).
Once the three carpal bones are removed during the PRC procedure, the capitate bone (the largest of the carpal bones, which occupies the center of the wrist) becomes the point where the wrist articulates with the arm; as such, the success of PRC depends on whether a patient's OA has progressed to the capitate cartilage surface.
At 30 months follow up post-operation carpal height is maintained, no proximal migration of the capitate bone and no obvious signs of worsening of radiolunate arthritis.
The Capitate bones can be found on which part of the human body?