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Synonyms for capitalize



capitalize on something


Synonyms for capitalize

to supply capital to or for

to derive advantage

Synonyms for capitalize

draw advantages from

supply with capital, as of a business by using a combination of capital used by investors and debt capital provided by lenders

write in capital letters


Related Words

compute the present value of a business or an income

consider expenditures as capital assets rather than expenses

convert (a company's reserve funds) into capital

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The present value income method is similar to the pro-ratable income method in that both capitalize the acquisition cost of a policy and of additional premiums, but the two differ in the way they recognize income.
In Russia, Eastern Europe and many nations where economic evolution is dramatic and difficult today, people make a leap of faith in the global market's capacity to create opportunity and their ability to capitalize on it.
With more than 60 locations and approximately 12,000 employees throughout the world, CB&I capitalizes on its global expertise and local knowledge to safely and reliably deliver projects virtually anywhere.
But in another case where the death occurred before the acquisition, the buyer had to capitalize rather than deduct the payments (David R.
One outstanding issue for taxpayers is whether a buyer should deduct or capitalize amounts it later pays on a liability in excess of the original amount capitalized.
The portion allocated to code writing is deductible, however the company should capitalize the remaining expenses.
The system can be used across a branch network, contact centers, self-service channels, or Internet banking, to capitalize on opportunities through improved customer interaction.
The Next Century of Flight is a global, multimedia initiative dedicated to helping the aerospace industry capitalize on the 100th anniversary of manned, powered flight in 2003 and position itself for generations to come.
With this investment, we are in an ideal position to capitalize on the growing number of companies that recognize the operational benefits and cost savings of the ASP model.
The company is well-positioned to continue to capitalize on the transition of business IT services from costly in-house solutions to the effective thin-client technology that ProTier offers.
The Company monitors and capitalizes on worldwide market-price disparities to purchase a select group of in-demand products from other distributors in 28 countries in 13 currencies.
The unique nature of the Informix, BTG and Netscape relationship positions the partners to form a consistent and comprehensive strategy that not only capitalizes on the strengths of each organization but also builds customer confidence," stated Bob Dornan, senior vice president, Federal Sources, Inc.
When the defense adjusts its strength to trips side (leaving single coverage on our backside receiver), we will capitalize on this match-up and check to a quick choice route backside (Diag.