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Synonyms for capitalize



capitalize on something


Synonyms for capitalize

to supply capital to or for

to derive advantage

Synonyms for capitalize

draw advantages from

supply with capital, as of a business by using a combination of capital used by investors and debt capital provided by lenders

write in capital letters


Related Words

compute the present value of a business or an income

consider expenditures as capital assets rather than expenses

convert (a company's reserve funds) into capital

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Like the revenue-based methods, the investment method capitalizes the cost of the policy and the premiums needed to keep it in force, but no income is recognized until the insured dies.
No country is better positioned to capitalize on these knowledge-based resources than the US.
The Peru LNG project provides organic growth for CB&I in this market and capitalizes on the company's comprehensive gas processing capabilities.
The company provides a unique cash recovery service (The CacheQuest System) that capitalizes on the strengths of the systematic, consistent leverage of third-party intervention and commitment.
The IRS normally takes the position that businesses must capitalize the cost of enterprise-resource-planning software (ERP) and amortize it over 36 months.
A cursory review of more than 150 public company financial statements that disclose information on start-up costs reveals that almost two-thirds capitalize and amortize some start-up costs while the rest expense all start-up costs as incurred.
Customer Opportunity Advisor for Banking consists of integrated modules that distinguish and capitalize on sales and service needs.
This capitalizes the costs rather than deducting them from income.
GMI capitalizes on advances in the field of glycobiology by developing small molecule drugs that mimic the action of carbohydrates.
The initiative, an extension of AVIATION WEEK'S The Next Century of Flight education and leadership campaign, capitalizes on the upcoming 100th anniversary of powered, manned, controlled flight in 2003 as a "milestone context" for reinforcing lessons in math, science and social studies.