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Synonyms for capitalization

money or property used to produce more wealth

Synonyms for capitalization

writing in capital letters

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an estimation of the value of a business

the act of capitalizing on an opportunity

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The capitalization amount will be limited to: nine months of
Loans modified through capitalization, as well as loans that have interest rate reductions and term extensions, will be reported separately, identified as modified loans, and included in the appropriate delinquency trigger calculations.
Whether in response to the emergence of a new generation of intangibles that did not fit neatly within the decades old template of capitalization principles, its string of losses before appellate courts permitting deductions for an array of costs, (10) or the continuing perception of revenue agents gone wild, the National Office and Treasury committed to issue regulations fundamentally changing the capitalization landscape.
The final regulations require capitalization of (i) an amount paid to acquire any intangible; (ii) an amount paid to create certain but not all intangibles; (iii) an amount paid to create or enhance a "separate and distinct intangible asset"; and (iv) an amount paid to create or enhance a "future benefit," but only under certain circumstances.
12) This is unfortunate, because a single, unified definition of "asset" for all purposes of the capitalization rules--including the repair regulations as well as the uniform capitalization rules (13)--would further the goal of simplification.
as an intangible for which capitalization is required under this section.
Again, rather than invite ambiguity or permit creative interpretations, the government chose to eliminate the concept altogether and to replace it with specific situations requiring capitalization.
While National Starch serves as clear and compelling authority for the capitalization of certain expenses incurred incident to a friendly takeover, the deductibility of a target's takeover-defense expenses remains an unsettled issue.
In addressing the issue of capitalization, the IRS held that the expenditures were not capital in nature for the following reasons:
The IRS gave only cursory attention to the capitalization issue; instead, the requirements under section 162(a) became the focus of the IRS's analysis.
Since the costs are incurred incident to the change in ownership and not with respect to the board of directors' fiduciary responsibilities or the target's current business operations, capitalization is justified.
The IRS, as noted in TAM 8945003, would also require capitalization of the white knight costs.