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favoring or practicing capitalism

of or relating to capitalism or capitalists


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The question then is the following: is (capitalistically) hired (that is, productive) labour including all these different kinds of labour--at a greater or smaller distance from actual manual labour--identical with the class 'carrier' of the use relation, that is the working class?
In this regard, the Church places the dignity of the person in the midst of its social policy by taking care of underrepresented, marginalized, and capitalistically idle groups, such as the elderly, illegal immigrants, individuals with severe handicaps, and prisoners, whom the public health system too often neglects.
To shore up the line of teetering dominoes, Washington made every effort to create loyal, capitalistically prosperous, authoritarian and anti-communist regimes--typically, but not invariably, dominated by the military.
For at the present phase of capital's historical development, as a result of the system's deepening structural crisis, not only the past reformist concessions must be taken back--as indeed they are--even in the capitalistically most advanced countries but, given the chronic insufficiency of the productively available remedy, the deadly irrationality of engaging in the most destructive course of action on a global scale looms large on the horizon, trying to impose itself as the rational solution to all our problems.
Thus, the "reproduction of the commodity of labour power is increasingly achieved by means of capitalistically produced commodities and capitalistically organized and supplied services" (Mandel, 1975:391) in the form of precooked meals, ready-made clothes, electrical household appliances, and so on, which previously would have been produced by family members as immediate use-values.
Section 1 examines Lydia Maria Childs fiction and nonfiction and the philosophical debates and literary dialogues of friends Margaret Fuller and Ralph Waldo Emerson to map out maternal iconographys centrality to navigating the nations need for a politically quiescent but capitalistically industrious citizenry.
It is not, of course, invariably the case that we require statistical aggregates to ascertain whether or not the plaintiff has received "capitalistically rational" treatment.
In the author's account, the nuns were, indeed, ascetic and disciplined, but they were also capitalistically minded and actively contributed to the economic success of colonial society.
The capitalistically driven film and music industries have discovered this relationship between identification and market consumption: When black youth can identify a product with their lived experiences, sales and absorption of that product increase exponentially.
And workers are capitalistically exploited since they would be better off if the distribution of property under capitalism were egalitarian, which is to say if capitalists did not own the bulk of the alienable means of production.
Yet, forms of pyramid schemes continue to appear on a regular basis in capitalistically sophisticated places like Canada as well as in essentially naive former Communist countries like Russia and, most recently, Albania.
During the colonial period, areas with such favourable conditions for agriculture often attracted white settlers who established capitalistically organized farms producing for export.