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Synonyms for capitalistic

favoring or practicing capitalism

of or relating to capitalism or capitalists


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The current capitalistic system is failing because it requires a higher rate of return on investment than is available in non-fossil fuel based economic activities and industries.
The idea that life as we know it can be re-constructed and that the impact of the capitalistic economic system, as expressed by the existence of the corporate model, can be diminished leaves the same feeling hanging in the air.
The irony is that this is precisely the opposite of what antiglobalization agitators in Europe and America fear--a legion of multinational companies, answerable to nobody, roving freely about the globe in their rapacious, capitalistic way.
"I can never predict what a judge will do, but anyone who sided with a tenant on this one would be undermining the capitalistic system," he said.
After all, I was an American and therefore my duty was to consume, to feed the frenzied capitalistic cycle upon which my nation was based.
George realizes that slam poetry purists may consider "Def Poetry Jam" and its capitalistic offshoots as artistic adultery.
Kerr-Ritchie's argument is that the end of slavery, coupled with capitalistic economic changes, steadily dismantled traditional forms of social control and allowed freedpeople slowly increasing opportunities to control their own labor.
Is there really a difference between communist control of people and multinational corporate capitalistic control of people?
It was settled largely by an active colonizing state with people in France largely connected with the emergence of "a capitalistic economy."
As a coda to the project, Weinstein features Ma in Hong Kong Symphony, a fast-paced and surprisingly political look at the takeover of the capitalistic port by the mainland Chinese in July, 1977.
Fassbinder was convinced that film was an "instrument of entertainment." In 1979, he told an interviewer: "One just has to make it capitalistic, take the risk in spite of what they might think." Of course, this remark was directed against a conception of filmmaking that had founded an esoteric cult of art and anti-commerciality in the Federal Republic of the '70s.
This book dispels some myths, among them, that the new capitalistic trend creates greater freedom.
Money equals power--at least in a capitalistic, free-market democracy.
The "Age of Hype" Johnson inveighs against in Being & Race is symbolized in the story by the pet shop's collapse into a disordered, capitalistic market exchange, an effect of the deliberate erasure of a shared sense of meaning provided by artistic integration.
Wayne's "historically-grounded feminism" would correct these deficiencies and simultaneously supply a critique of "capitalistic and patriarchal structures" (5, 10).