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Synonyms for capitalistic

favoring or practicing capitalism

of or relating to capitalism or capitalists


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Sohail Hassan, Director General of the Academy, said that Shariah compliant system can help check the injustice and inequalities, created by the capitalistic system.
The Smithsonian exhibit Swanson pans should have mentioned that by "freedom" we mean freedom to safeguard our capitalistic interests at any cost.
From the story of one Virgin who successfully pursued a thief accused of stealing two slaves, to the evolution of slave thieves in other areas and the evolving face of capitalistic endeavors during the times, this offers a vivid portrait of American Southwest history and is a solid pick for any history holding seeking lively scholarship.
According to the newspaper, it is completely clear that a union of countries with capitalistic system of values today functions politically as a self-governing socialistic community with a planned economy.
If creating jobs and bringing livelihoods to families is a classic example of capitalism, then please elaborate on how many such capitalistic examples exist all over the world
Reigning historiographical trends represent Madawaska, Madawaskans, and by implication all others on the peripheries of empire, as developmentally delayed in relation to capitalistic development elsewhere.
The Venezuelan ambassador went on to say that "imperialistic and capitalistic policies are the causes of the increase in terrorism.
Now for the capitalistic component: "Meanwhile, society's concern about climate change offers insurers new avenues for leadership and new opportunities for innovative products.
Many Christians are capitalistic and somewhat callous toward society's most needy.
I find it incredible that the leaders of our capitalistic administrators who control our internal productivity have placed us squarely in the hands of a Communist regime.
By modernity, Negri means the traditional conceptualization of transcendent political power centered along Weberian and Schmittian lines and the Fordist economic organization of the modes of capitalistic production.
I think this program is against the basis of the capitalistic economy that has worked for this country for many years.
Brown, Herbert Marcuse, and Pierre Klossowski (as mediated by Gilles Deleuze), Maggi depicts a Pasolini who was driven to create a religious myth for the post-mythic, capitalistic world; who reacted against the 1960's Sexual Revolution for openly revealing what previously had been kept hidden; and who saw homosexuality as proof of the Fall of humankind.
THE INTERNATIONAL Congress of Communist and Workers Parties in New Delhi will look at the Chinese economic model as a feasible alternative for the world to adopt, in view of the recession that has hit capitalistic economies.
243) Emphasizing the triumph of craft continuity over the uneven pace of capitalistic change, Kristofferson stresses the commonality of interests and experiences held by artisanal masters and journeymen.