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Synonyms for capitalistic

favoring or practicing capitalism

of or relating to capitalism or capitalists


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The state territorialization of Chaco did occur, and now, the territory is a clearly integrated part of Argentina; ironically, however, its economic territorialization as a place of wealth and progress did fail when the merciless logic of capitalistic mobility, dominated by the cost-benefit curve, re-sent the Chaco to its peripheral position in the global capitalistic networks.
She shows how a significant number of artisans tried to maximize their profits, taking advantage of the market opportunities available to them, and how they became involved in such capitalistic practices as investment diversification, elaborate production and distribution arrangements, and careful recording of transactions.
Diversifying farmers emerge not as examples of failure, as prevailing historiographical trends would have it, but as examples of rational economic decision makers well integrated with the capitalistic economy, while hot capitalists themselves.
Many Christians are capitalistic and somewhat callous toward society's most needy.
That venture was established in 2009 by a group of former Alltel executives who went to Rwanda to find for-profit business opportunities that were capitalistic in nature and would also make a meaningful difference in the lives of Rwandans.
I find it incredible that the leaders of our capitalistic administrators who control our internal productivity have placed us squarely in the hands of a Communist regime.
By modernity, Negri means the traditional conceptualization of transcendent political power centered along Weberian and Schmittian lines and the Fordist economic organization of the modes of capitalistic production.
I think this program is against the basis of the capitalistic economy that has worked for this country for many years.
Brown, Herbert Marcuse, and Pierre Klossowski (as mediated by Gilles Deleuze), Maggi depicts a Pasolini who was driven to create a religious myth for the post-mythic, capitalistic world; who reacted against the 1960's Sexual Revolution for openly revealing what previously had been kept hidden; and who saw homosexuality as proof of the Fall of humankind.
I am not sure if you've turned into the pinnacle of hypocrisy, an environmental terrorist culture, or a terrorist organization against humanity and the capitalistic systems of this country that you have prospered in.
THE INTERNATIONAL Congress of Communist and Workers Parties in New Delhi will look at the Chinese economic model as a feasible alternative for the world to adopt, in view of the recession that has hit capitalistic economies.
243) Emphasizing the triumph of craft continuity over the uneven pace of capitalistic change, Kristofferson stresses the commonality of interests and experiences held by artisanal masters and journeymen.
Any force or any kind of coercion is against that basic Capitalistic philosophy.
However, there was also an attack on the fundamental systems we use to protect our way of life and capitalistic system.
With this moral foundation, we can proceed to a sound, capitalistic health care system.