capitalist economy

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an economic system based on private ownership of capital

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The MHS students hope to continue to educate all grade levels about the key values that form the base of our capitalist economy and promote interest about the American Enterprise and capitalism.
Declaring that Nigeria is a capitalist economy, but with no effort yet to figure out how to run a successful capitalist economy, Moghalu lamented that while there few people were making a lot of money in the country, a lot of others were getting poorer.
Luxemburg's take on such ideas was that they turned the capitalist economy into a 'merry-go-round which revolves around itself in mid-air' (quoted in Sweezy, 1942, 204-5).
In this drive to be the supreme capitalist economy, we have seen Britain's values eroded to the point where we 'know the cost of everything and the value of nothing'; and, with it, an existential crisis for the United Kingdom.
Ray will never be converted to the view that a capitalist economy is ultimately better for the overall wellbeing of a country's finances.
Corporatists argued that the modern capitalist economy lacked leadership and direction.
That is not a capitalist economy anymore, that is a feudalist economy.
In the next section of the book, Phelps takes on corporatism on its own terms and shows how it fails to provide not just economic wellbeing, but the satisfaction and security that a modern capitalist economy provides.
As a result, Malthus' concerns about mass starvation have failed to materialize in any peaceful capitalist economy. And, despite a disconcerting fall in labor's share of income in recent decades, the long-run picture still defies Marx's prediction that capitalism would prove immiserating for workers.
Visiting Tanzanian Foreign Minister Bernard Membe has urged Kenyan investors to be patient as his country adjusts from a socialist to a capitalist economy.
But if market economy requires, as mentioned above, the involvement of the state in economy, then we could ask the following question: are ethical issues or nonethical behaviours derived from the substance of the capitalist economy, from the nature of the market economy, or are they generated by the weak government, by incompetence or by the interference of some political actors interested only in satisfying personal interests, without taking into account any moral obligation?
In a capitalist economy, the parties to a transaction determine the prices at which assets, goods, and services are exchanged.
Dr Murtaza Mughal said that sliding gold prices is seen by some as failure of global capitalist economy which can now only be sustained by China and other emerging markets.
of Hong Kong) presents a massive analysis of Hong Kong's capitalist economy with a focus on economic freedom.