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Synonyms for capitalism

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The seminar took the depressing insight as a call for action, and reinforced its activities in building up knowledge of and support for a fundamental correction of capitalism's excesses.
Exploring the transition to capitalism and its impact on the making of the working class in France, Lafrance argues that most such studies take for granted the existence of capitalism without really considering its historical origins.
Often referred to as the "father of Japanese capitalism," Shibusawa rose from humble origins--he was the son of a small-scale indigo farmer and spent his boyhood helping in the family fields and with keeping the books--to become the most powerful business magnate in Japan.
Many responded by pointing out the hypocrisy involved: The publication is a product of capitalism owned by billionaires, and the Vogue brand generally chronicles and celebrates the very products and choices made possible through a market capitalist system.
But what about capitalism? Is it just about capital, wealth, economics, money?
But an understanding of the history of American capitalism is as elusive as it is urgent.
Against this background arose capitalism. Political thinkers had a major role in bolstering secularism.
In Cities in Global Capitalism, Ugo Rossi explores the historical and ongoing relationship between cities and capitalist systems of production.
IN THIS SUCCINCT yet highly informative book, George Rigakos relies on the oftentimes prophetic work of Karl Marx to critically analyze the relationship between security and capitalism. He theorizes that pacification produced capitalism, as the dispossession of feudal peasants and Indigenous peoples from their lands, along with the exploitation of workers so that they conform to wage labour relations, was enforced through security mechanisms and policing.
Hartmut Elsenhans and a Critique of Capitalism. Conversations on Theory and Policy Implications.
What's more, look what happened when Russia and China tried an alternative to capitalism! Even aside from the political oppression and brutality of those regimes, they were economic failures.
The Economy of Desire: Christianity and Capitalism in a Postmodern World
IS CAPITALISM a shop where everything is on sale, or is it a great equaliser which provides equal opportunities to the socially backward and unprivileged?