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Synonyms for capitalism

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Unlike pre-capitalist economic systems, capitalism exploits on the basis of not faith or ethnicity but class, embracing new consumers irrespective of ethnicity and faith.
Drawing from classical and modern analyses, A Foodie's Guide to Capitalism introduces the reader to the history of our food system and to the basics of capitalism.
Furthermore, by seamlessly using historical and contemporary examples, like how modern CCTV cameras exploit workers similarly to how 18th-century police reformer Patrick Colquhoun's police did, he demonstrates how security continues to produce capitalism in the present.
The participants at the conference organized by The Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism which together represent almost US$40t in assets under management were invited to share their perspectives around long-term value creation by answering a set of six live questions.
The spread of capitalist ideals in countries across the world saw a renewed interest in re-visiting the system's nature, origins, strengths, weaknesses and adaptability, resulting in a number of publications giving a new insight into capitalism.
Ending Big Government: The Essential Case For Capitalism and Freedom
Here is another story: The hallmark of capitalism is poverty in the midst of plenty.
Gleason argued that capitalism was in dire straits.
He has advanced forceful arguments for restoring vigor and social value to the market economy-not a Marxist or socialist one-by first pointing out his misgivings about capitalism.
The success of capitalism has raised the standard of living of the mass of the population in capitalist countries.
Sociologists all know the story of the birth of capitalism as told by Max Weber in The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.
Judging by the mainstream media, the most pressing problems facing capitalism are 1) income inequality the subject of Thomas Piketty's bestseller Capital in the Twenty-First Century, and 2) the failure of free markets to regulate their excesses, a common critique encapsulated by Paul Craig Roberts' recent book The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism.
It is no secret that a certain amount of crony capitalism has always existed throughout Turkey's history.
Capitalism has, for example, come under concerted attack from varied and sundry sources as has not happened in almost a century.