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the maximum number of shares authorized under the terms of a corporation's articles of incorporation

the book value of the outstanding shares of a corporation

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Table 2: Capital stock of CIS countries in 1989-1991 Total Total Production capital capital capital stock stock Investment Country stock in in 1989, in 1989, in 1990, 1989, bit.
where [] and [bar.A] are low and high production technology efficiency parameters, respectively, and [??] denotes the threshold level of the aggregate capital stock. The threshold can be interpreted as the existence of a positive externality in production, generated by the aggregate quantity of capital stock in the economy.
To assess the trends in the overall wealth of nations, some studies try to measure all capital stocks using the same unit, usually dollars.
However, in the UK, productivity recovers close to its initial level after twenty years, whereas in Germany the effect on productivity is larger because the public sector and the housing capital stocks are larger proportions of the total capital stock than in the UK.
Since increasing the capital stock also raises the marginal product (or productivity) of labor, the return on labor--wages--should also go up.
In Section 2, I first review the long-run evidence on the ratio of the real capital stock to output.
* shares in the capital stock of a "qualifying entity" that is a foreign affiliate of the taxpayer in which the taxpayer has a minimum 10-percent interest by votes and value; (33)
Under the terms of the agreement, HP will acquire all of the capital stock of StorageApps for HP common stock with a value of $350 million.
The modified statute provides that corporations are not permitted to deduct state taxes and taxes of the District of Columbia that are VATs, single business taxes or taxes on (or measured by) net income, gross income, gross receipts or capital stock. Accordingly, no portion of the MSBT is deductible for Wisconsin tax purposes.
In October, Simpson Technologies Corp., Aurora, Illinois, completed the acquisition of 100% of the capital stock of Hartley Controls Corp.
A foreign entity must use the value of its "actual" capital, which includes not only capital stock but other accounting items as well, including long-term debt and surplus, all of which depend on the corporation's financial status.
Nevertheless, while several adjustments can be made to the definition of the labour input there are fewer conceptual and measurement issues than for the capital stock.
This investment boom, and the accompanying step-up in the growth of the capital stock, is partly attributable to an increased rate of national saving.
Mohawk issued approximately 3.2 million shares of its common stock to Durkan stockholders in exchange for all the outstanding capital stock of Durkan and its affiliate, as well as certain notes payable to Durkan family members.
One such area is the relationship between employment and capital stock. Common sense would suggest that investment in new productive capacity will create jobs, while the destruction of existing capacity may destroy jobs.