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a warship of the first rank in size and armament

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As a result, his long-term financial planning had been in vain, for the construction of capital ships involved ever-increasing costs.
We Cold War naval veterans would appreciate the return of a well-served capital ship or even two such ships--one on the Pacific, the other on the Atlantic--with appropriate naval support ships before our days are finished and a start made on such a new fleet before the death of the Honourable Paul Hellyer.
In this book, Watts presents readers with an examination of the ongoing prevalence, and growing irrelevance of capital ship theory in a period where the spectrum of conflict is dominated by irregular warfare.
Although of course one is not comparing like with like, the equivalent cost of an item like a capital ship remains roughly constant over time.
Saratoga and sister ship USS Lexington (CV 2) were the world's largest aircraft carriers until late in World War II and the "Sara" was the world's fastest capital ship of her era, reaching 34.
But despite the firestorm the planes, according to the official report, "were not only able to guide our warships towards the Bismarck, but also to attack a capital ship with torpedoes, disable it and prepare it for the final slaughter".
Back then, every capital ship had a band aboard, and like all sailors we had two duties, first as a man of war and secondly to entertain the crew in times of peace.
HMS Nelson, built by Armstrong Whitworth's Walker Naval Yard, in 1927, was the most heavily armed British capital ship.
By the early days of World War II, the aircraft carrier displaced the battleship as the naval fleet's capital ship.
Indeed, as one student of the American military has observed, "the Navy's peacetime demand for capital ships has remained essentially unchanged since before World War I, even though the kind of capital ship has changed from dreadnought to battleship to carrier to supercarrier; the perceived enemy and geographical orientation of the Navy have changed as many times.
They adapted well, but one couldn't help but think of the Vincennes disaster, in which another capital ship designed to fight on the open ocean couldn't make the switch.
The frigate is the, it's a capital ship and this is the first in the history of the Navy that we will have a frigate newly constructed then missile-capable, air surface, undersea," he added.
Palmer, or five times the cost of the capital ship Mr.
She was a capital ship - a vital part," Mr Taylor recalled.