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a warship of the first rank in size and armament

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The treaty, however, permitted two capital ships to be converted to aircraft carriers.
A constellation of strike platforms within a web of surveillance, reconnaissance, and battle-management systems would comprise the new, distributed capital ship.
Hagan's a contrarian about the Navy's hallowed theme that its purpose is to command the seas with capital ships designed to engage and defeat those of our enemies.
1) In World War II, the aircraft carrier displaced the big-gun battleship as the capital ship.
Her entrance into the Persian Gulf as the first Navy capital ship on station to defend against a possible Iraqi advance into Saudi Arabia.
The mere existence of an operational capital ship at sea represents a threat and deterrence to any foe.
She was a capital ship - a vital part," Mr Taylor recalled.
Originally designed to support battleships, the aircraft carrier has become a capital ship in its own right.
Capital ship numbers and carrier battle groups are endangered by this thin shipbuilding program.
The shipyards of New Eden have been busy rebalancing industrial ships and are almost ready to undergo production of the mighty capital ship, the Orca.
But are there strategic thinkers in the navy and in government who are prepared to take a risk and demand for Canada a capital ship as well as all the other ships the navy needs to be a navy?
New Capital Ships: A new capital ship class arrives, giving players new strategic options.
Much of the military opposes such thinking but then the proponents of tank warfare and aerial warfare had a hard time against the cavalry and the capital ship.
Armed with an intense arsenal of weapons including a transforming personal weapon system, multi-launch homing missiles, capital ship bombardments and tactical ion cannon strikes, Vega will lead the fight from the front lines.