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Revilla issued this statement a day after President Rodrigo Duterte made another push for the restoration of the capital punishment for heinous crimes related to drugs as well as plunder during his fourth State of the Nation Address (Sona).
ATTOCK -- A model court awarded capital punishment and three years rigorous imprisonment to a suspect for killing a boy after sexual abuse here on Saturday.
The official said the government is going to promulgate an ordinance to revoke capital punishment against individuals to be extradited from states where death sentence has been abolished.
While capital punishment is frowned upon in international law, and Pakistan has been pushed towards it particularly by Europe, it is a different matter altogether to revoke such sentence imposed by courts of law other than those of Pakistan.
While the verdict came as a sense of some closure to the family of the eight-year-old, many demanded capital punishment for the guilty.
Newsom also withdrew the state's proposed single-drug execution protocol, which adds yet another delay in the eventual resumption of capital punishment here.
CORRESPONDENT Perter Curtis, alarmed at the number of people murdered by killers released from prison, asks why capital punishment should not be re-introduced for murder (Journal Letters, January 5).
A few years ago I argued for capital punishment based on the number of murders committed by people that had committed murders before.
Meanwhile, the percentage who say capital punishment is applied unfairlyhas edged higher, with this year's four-point gap marking the smallest difference between the two views in Gallup's polling.
GILGIT -- A division bench comprising Justice Malak Haq Nawaz and Justice Ali Baig Tuesday upheld the verdict of lower court in Mustaqeem murder case and maintained capital punishment and a fine of Rs 0.
Today, I would like to share some excerpts of another article appearing in "SHAPAT." The article is about capital punishment. Capital punishment as a component part of the criminal justice of a nation remains controversial to this day.
The Catholic, Jesuit Pope Francis speaks and capital punishment is long gone from Catholic religious dogma.
Self-proclaimed pro-life senator Manny Pacquiao reportedly expects approval within the year of the chamber's version of the bill restoring capital punishment.
This textbook surveys capital punishment law, focusing on the constitutional law that governs death penalty proceedings in the US.
5-11 Gallup poll, continue a trend toward diminished death penalty support as many states have issued moratoria on executions or abolished capital punishment.
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