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the cost of long-term improvements

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Of this figure, P350.1 million will go to maintenance and other operating expenses, P94.5 million for personnel services, and P3 million for capital outlays.
The year-on-year drop is to follow the preceding fiscal year's average 0.8% decline in their combined capital outlays, the bank said.
The latest Department of Budget and Management data showed that disbursements for infrastructure and other capital outlays at the start of the fourth quarter increased from P43.7 billion in October last year.
Diokno said disbursement growth in January to August was driven by the expansion of capital outlays as well as of current operating expenditures.
"Decisions on such commitments on long-term capital outlay may not be prudent at this juncture because of the current situation," Shyam Sundar said.
National Assembly approved, Rs 107,231,216,000 for external development loans and advances by the federal government, Rs 29,774,000 for capital outlay on works of foreign affairs.
De Vera added that the commission has instructed the Unified Student Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education not to reimburse capital outlays charged on students.
'It is just that for us to start execution, we still require the CBN support because of the capital outlay that is required to have
The capital outlay of 16 states (accounting for 69% of the country's GDP, or gross domestic product, and about 60% of total outlay by states), for which data is available, has risen 29% during the first four months of the fiscal to Rs 46,300 crore compared to full-year budgeted growth of 16%.
The demand grants include a sum 142,478,000 for Housing and Works Division, Rs 3,394,638,000 for civil works, 138,103,000 Estate Offices, Rs 82,536,000 for Federal Lodges and Rs 6,794,553,000 for Capital Outlay on civil works.
For rural infrastructure not only the level of capital outlay has to be increased, but a clear-cut policy also needs to be adopted.
Even if they relocate to another venue and allow renovation teams free run of the historic site, it will still need about PS3.5bn capital outlay.
Two articles among the 22 on the warrant ask voters to approve a capital outlay expenditure exclusion under the Proposition 2 1/2 tax limits.
I, therefore, propose to increase the capital outlay for defence by `5,000 crore over the amount provided for in the Interim Budget," he said.