capital offense

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a crime so serious that capital punishment is considered appropriate

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Our opposition to death as a penalty for capital offenses is less known to the general public," despite bishops' statements against it.
9) Noting that Lange was an "extreme view," the court held that the Pennsylvania Constitution's double jeopardy provision--worded identically to its federal counterpart--applied to capital offenses only.
On March 12 of this year, Soyinka and fifteen other pro-democracy activists were charged with treason by the military regime -- a capital offense.
Students are paired with an attorney who represents a person either charged with or convicted of a capital offense and involved in the preparation of both the guilt phase and the penalty phase: gathering of physical and forensic evidence, preparation of discovery requests and responses, investigation and preparing life histories and mitigating evidence and maintaining regular client contact.
I happen to be one of those people who feel that child molestation is a capital offense, maybe the most capital offense.
Estrada, 65, who is facing charges for the capital offense of plunder, illegal use of an alias, and two cases of perjury, has been accused of lying under oath when he declared his statement of assets and liabilities in 1998.
Under our constitution, judges have to offer bail to all defendants, except those charged with a capital offense.
Originally convicted in 1991 under a provision of the 1988 "drug-kingpin" statute that makes murder in connection with a "continuing criminal enterprise" a capital offense, Chandler is one of six men who have been sentenced to die by U.
He later admitted under oath to withholding evidence that would have exonerated Beets from being convicted of capital offense charges.
He is due to be arraigned next month on a separate plunder charge, a capital offense.
Starr thinks that every lie is a capital offense, but most people don't.
The Administration's omnibus crime bill, now pending in Congress, would make it a capital offense to kill a Federal chicken inspector.
Everything would be recycled: murder would be a misdemeanor, but failure to recycle would be a capital offense.
Estrada is also set to be arraigned June 27 on a charge of economic plunder, a nonbailable capital offense.
Killing the spirit of a woman or a child is and should be a capital offense,'' he said.