capital of the Philippines

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the capital and largest city of the Philippines

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Available from today, the new service will allow Filipinos to send up to 20 kilos for Dh150 and up to 50 kilos for Dh350 by air to the capital of the Philippines, Manila.
He lived for decades on a mountain of trash in the center of Manila, the capital of the Philippines, known as Smokey Mountain.
It is dubbed the summer capital of the Philippines.
The clash in the capital of the Philippines is described as the greatest heavyweight bout of all time.
Cavite is referred to as the historical capital of the Philippines because it is the cradle of the Philippine Revolution and the birthplace of Philippine Independence.
The rally comes almost a week after the botched hostage rescue operation on a tourist bus in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, on August 23.
Home to six of its country's seven operating fish canneries, General Santos City is dubbed the tuna capital of the Philippines.
Just a few days later, Joel was flown back to his home in Manila, capital of the Philippines, and had to begin funding his own chemotherapy.
Summary: Close to 60 people have been killed as a tropical storm has been causing chaos in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.
That distance would have taken him most of the way to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, or 1/30th of the distance to the moon.
On July 21, 1903, some two hundred labourers recently recruited to construct the Benguet Road linking the Americans' erstwhile summer capital of the Philippines at Baguio with the railhead to Manila refused to report for work and peremptorily marched out of camp.
AUSTRALIA and Canada today closed their embassies in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, following a series of terrorist threats.
Thousands of barefoot devotees joined a riotous annual procession yesterday carrying an ancient black statue of Jesus Christ through congested downtown Manila, capital of the Philippines.
NYSE:HOT) announced plans to introduce its two largest brands - Westin and Sheraton - to two new multi-billion dollar integrated entertainment complexes in Manila, the bustling capital of the Philippines.
18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Bernardo Chua made a special trip to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, on the 27[sup.