capital of Zimbabwe

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the capital and largest city of Zimbabwe

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What is the former name of Harare, capital of Zimbabwe? 7.
It also maintains solar signals in Surinam and Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.
This is something that continues to be lost on those who seek to impose some specious new order on the Flat dreamed up by ignorant marketing gurus who know zero about racing and to whom Windsor is a knot in a tie and Salisbury the old capital of Zimbabwe.
In front of me was a view of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, and I recognized the spot because it looked so much the same, yet the fortunes of the people who lived there had changed beyond recognition.
What was the name of the capital of Zimbabwe before it was changed to Harare in 1982?
The former army officer was arrested in March 2004 along with 61 other suspected coup plotters when their aircraft landed in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.
To show an example of what can happen when a government tries to shape the ebb and flow of an economy, we look at the extreme situation in Harare (see A hedge against chaos in Zimbabwe), capital of Zimbabwe, where hyperinflation of 150,000 percent has killed business investment but has surprisingly kept property markets humming.
An election agent checks the seals on a ballot box in Domboshawa, a rural district outside Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, April 19.
HARARE, Zimbabwe -- Anglicans in the capital of Zimbabwe were unable to attend Sunday Eucharist on September 10 due to the wedding anniversary of their bishop, Nolbert Kunonga.
During the 10-year civil war in Sierra Leone, Eddy spent some time in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, where she fought local police and others who threatened her because she was a lesbian.
At its last assembly, and celebrating its 50th anniversary, the World Council of Churches came to Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. Its worship, to say the least, was esoteric and exotic at times; and it was often held at night -- but it was not a pungwe.
lPartick Thistle midfielder Quinton Jacobs will head next week for trouble-torn Harare, capital of Zimbabwe. Jacobs has been included in the Namibian squad for the match in Zimbabwe a week tomorrow.
(3,7,8) In addition to drug education efforts by the Zimbabwe Ministry of Health, a group of pharmacists formed an organization in 1986 to fight drug abuse among youth.' As recent as October 1991, community leaders from a highly populated suburb of Harare, capital of Zimbabwe, formed a drug prevention group among city school pupils to fight drug abuse and drug trafficking.
Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, was until the 1980s known by what name?
The ECB lodged the submission to the technical committee of the World Cup yesterday following two pleas from the 15-man squad that their opening match, scheduled for the capital of Zimbabwe, where civil unrest is high, be moved.