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the capital and largest city of Turkmenistan

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Al Ghaith continued: "Our second new route is Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan.
Dinel's appointment to Turkmenistan was officially confirmed by the government on October 25 and a few days later the foreign ministry formally contacted officials in the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, to request consent for the selection.
ASHKHABAD, Aug 27, 2009 (TUR) -- A Turkish company will construct a military hospital in Ashkhabad, capital of Turkmenistan.
Thus, the answer to whether Nabucco becomes reality may ultimately be found in the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgahat.
The Caspian Issue & Kazakh-Russian Deal: The first Caspian Sea summit meeting was held in Ashgabat, capital of Turkmenistan, on April 23-24, 2002.
At their talks in Ashgabat, capital of Turkmenistan, Oshima told Niyazov that the United Nations will support the country if it accepts Afghan refugees fleeing as a result of the ongoing U.S.-led military attacks, the spokesperson said.
The international round table entitled "The importance of international relations for the development of renewable energy" was held in the capital of Turkmenistan on August 1, Turkmen Foreign Ministry reports.
Presently, there are about 600 Turkish companies operating in Turkmenistan, which were entrusted with such major projects as the construction of an international sea port in the city of Turkmenbashi and the international airport of the capital of Turkmenistan, highways, interchanges and overpasses.
During the meeting, they reviewed arrangements for the opening ceremony of 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games to be held in the Capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat on September 17-27, 2017AD, where the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will participate in 12 games.
AE[currency]KABAT (CyHAN)- The 5th regional conference of the European and Central Asian countries on 'Turkmenistan's experience on associated petroleum gas flaring' is underway in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, the country's Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry and Mineral Resources said.
Talking to Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai, in the capital of Turkmenistan, Zardari said Pakistan was fully committed to long term peace and stability in Afghanistan.
Jenca heads the Centre, which was established in 2007 to help the countries of the region -- Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan -- respond more proactively to cross-border challenges and threats, such as terrorism, drug trafficking, organized crime and environmental degradation, before they become costlier and more difficult to control.He briefed the Council in a closed-door session on the activities of the Centre, located in the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, over the past six months.Earlier this year, in an interview with the UN News Centre, Mr.
The petrochemical plant in the city, 500 kilometers west of Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, was built by a global consortium led by South Korea's Hyundai Engineering Co.
Population in the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, has exceeded one million people, Mayor of Ashgabat Shamukhammet Durdylyev said as he was reporting to the head of state, the "Neutral Turkmenistan" newspaper wrote.