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Former Constantinople may no longer be the capital of Turkey but it is still the country's largest metropolis with a sprawling population of more than 14million.
He stated to the Iraqi National News Agency / NINA / that "Turkish Prime Minister has been invited by Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, during his recent visit to the capital of Turkey Ankara, and the invitation is open and did not agree on a specific time, which will be during the current month."
Junaid Perfumes successfully participated recently in the Beauty Eurasia Exhibition in the capital of Turkey.Held at the IFM-Istanbul Expo Centre in Istanbul, the event is regarded as one of the largest perfumes and cosmetics fairs worldwide.
Kayaking is just one of the activities on offer in Kas, which has become known as the adventure capital of Turkey.
As you know, Istanbul is the cultural and economic capital of Turkey, and Taksim is the heart of the city.
By and large the Kurdish population has welcomed Ocalan's announcement of a ceasefire, visible in the celebratory atmosphere in Diyarbakir, the unofficial Kurdish capital of Turkey, on New Year's.
Turkey's industry and service driven economy can substantially grow by choosing Jafza as its regional base, boosting Turkey's exports to the Middle East in addition to Europe, which is Turkey's existing major export market." Al Hashimi was speaking at the Jafza Business Seminar during the Free Zone's road show in Istanbul, a city which is considered the trade and industrial capital of Turkey. Istanbul accounts for 38 per cent of Turkey's total industrial production and 55 per cent of the country's total wholesale trade.
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton who is in Istanbul, capital of Turkey, addressing the media extended congratulation to the people of Myanmar for participating in the election process.
KABUL (PAN): Hours after a trilateral summit among Turkish, Afghan and Pakistani presidents, a regional conference on the future of Afghanistan got underway in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, on Wednesday.
ANKARA, May 25, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday that Ankara was not merely the capital of Turkey but a city that determined the global agenda and one that was watched by the whole world.
He told reporters on Sundayin Ankara, the capital of Turkey,that the Israeli report had "no value or credibility."
1923: Ankara replaced Istanbul as the capital of Turkey.
Germany's Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has arrived in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, on an official diplomatic visit.
Iraqi journalists are calling for more help, as a majority--including journalists in Kurdistan Region-are facing difficult financial issues.The Organization of Writers Without Borders in Iraq has signed a deal with a big hospital in Ankara, capital of Turkey, to treat Iraqi and Kurdistan Region journalists, as well as their families, at a discounted cost.