capital of The Netherlands

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an industrial center and the nominal capital of the Netherlands

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Of course, The Hague is not actually no-man's-land; it is the administrative capital of the Netherlands.
Proud to be the architectural capital of the Netherlands, Rotterdam is a city that is constantly evolving and changing, offering a vast array of delights for all the senses.
HOLMFIRTH Harriers David Turnbull and Rob Savin, travelled to the capital of The Netherlands to take part in the annual Amsterdam marathon.
In this context Parcom Capital of the Netherlands, currently the largest shareholder of Qurius, supports this strategic move and is willing to facilitate it through an exchange of shares in which Parcom will sell a part of their interest in Qurius to Prodware in exchange for an interest in Prodware.
Well known for its legal and regulated red-light district and "coffee shops," where hash brownies are sold as casually as corn muffins, it's also the business and financial capital of the Netherlands.
But I still stubbornly think thirdstream dance found its beginnings in The Hague, that staid capital of the Netherlands.
Oxford Biosciences of Boston, ABN Amro Capital of the Netherlands, and Israel's Giza Venture Capital invested $9.
Anne, her parents, and her older sister, Margot, quickly left their home in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.
Although it is not the capital of the Netherlands, the city Den Haag holds a very prominent role.
The Vrije Universiteit first opened its doors to students in 1880 in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands and a renowned cultural, scientific and commercial centre for many centuries.