capital of Thailand

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the capital and largest city and chief port of Thailand

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Bangkok is a huge, bustling metropolis capital of Thailand. It is Thailand's most populated city, with a population comparable to that of NYC.
A road ride from the capital of Thailand to the stunning beach resort island of Phuket.
Under the codeshare agreement, Air Seychelles will place its 'HM' code on Hong Kong Airlines' flights between Hong Kong and the capital of Thailand, Bangkok.
Question: What is the capital of Thailand? The prize must be redeemed by July 31, 2013.
29 -- Every morning Aran's (name changed) father drives him from his home, to the government TB hospital in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, (which takes one hour to reach) for his multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) oral medication.
While in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, Obama will meet with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to mark 180 years of diplomatic relations and "reaffirm the strength of our alliance," Carney said.
Bangkok: the Capital of Thailand and One of the Top City Tourist Destinations in the World
Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a favourite destination for tourists from across the world.
BONUS WINNER: MRS M.REARDON OF PLYMOUTH ACROSS DOWN 5 Current fashion (5) 6 Alexei -, comedian who played the landlord in The Young Ones (5) 8 Fibre obtained from the leaves of a palm tree (6) 10 Part of the school year (4) 13 Bruce -, US singer, nickname 'The Boss' (11) 14 Yellow of an egg (4) 17 Edible mollusc (6) 20 Group of birds (5) 21 Patron saint of Wales (5) 1 Couch (4) 2 End part of the sleeve (4) 3 Stretched tight (4) 4 Pronounce indistinctly (4) 7 Capital of Thailand (7) 8 Corroded (5) 9 Wild (5) 11 Throw out (5) 12 Coalface worker (5) 15 Single (4) 16 Gun's recoil (4) 18 Simple card game (4) 19 Of heroic proportions (4) SOLUTION to Crossword October 30 ACROSS 1 Vine; 3 Sphere; 7 Cate; 8 Desire; 10 Terrapin; 13 Sequence; 16 Animal; 17 Fast; 18 Fiddle; 19 Type.
Chiang Mai is the mountain biking capital of Thailand, so there's nowhere better to slip into the saddle.
on a tour that will also take him to Bangkok, capital of Thailand.
Experts from the states parties to the United Nations Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto Protocol on the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are meeting for one week (3-8 April) in the capital of Thailand to review the results achieved at the Cancun, Mexico, conference (December 2010) and to plan the agenda for work in the run-up to Durban, South Africa (28 November-9 December 2011).
InterContinental Hotels InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) today announced that a Crowne Plaza hotel will replace the Pan Pacific Bangkok, marking the entry of the brand to the capital of Thailand. The rebranding will come into effect 1 January 2011, making Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park the fifth IHG property in Bangkok.
Jay Somerville, a first year student at Birmingham City University, travelled to the capital of Thailand earlier this week.