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the capital of Nationalist China

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The 46-year-old man's bizarre stunt at the zoo in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, was captured on security video.
The prize includes room-only accommodation in a three-star hotel in or around Taipei, the bustling capital of Taiwan. Plus there's return flights to Taiwan on China Airlines, which offers daily services from 15 UK airports via Amsterdam to Thailand, Taiwan and onwards to its extensive Asian network.
Malaysian pop singer Wee Meng Chee and Singaporean singer-songwriter Boon Hui Lu traveled to Taipei this week for a film shooting project to promote tourism for the capital of Taiwan.
Taipei, July 27, 2012 (CENS)--The eighth cross-Strait meeting is scheduled to take place in Taipei, capital of Taiwan, on August 9, to be presided over by P.K.
The subway system in the capital of Taiwan has become a new front in the war against Sars as a top Chinese Communist Party official called for 'total victory' against the disease.
Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, declared a full medical alert yesterday.
It marks the first time a beef noodle contest held in the capital of Taiwan has included contestants hailing from municipalities other than Taipei.
Sven from Norway flies triumphantly through a series of questions on the French Revolution, the capital of Taiwan, the meaning of diplodocus, the inventor of the logarithm, and then is faced with "Who played Mrs Slocombe in Are You Being Served ?" I'm going to have to hurry you, Sven .
And even more so to see most of the cash had been blown on jewellery in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.
Taipei and Perth on Thursday (July 25) inked a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on cooperation on culture and art, including visual and performance art and cinema, to mark the 20th anniversary of the twin city relationship between the capital of Taiwan and capital of the Australian state of West Australia.
Carplus Auto Leasing Corp., an affiliate of Taiwan's Yulon Group, is handling the EV pilot project in Taipei, capital of Taiwan, and will soon begin providing 40 Luxgen pure-electric multi-purpose vans (MPVs) and 60 to be-branded electric compact cars for short-term leasing in the city.
Tainan is generally regarded as the culinary capital of Taiwan, and as such, the Tainan pavilion focuses on food and the insight it gives into people's lifestyles.
Taipei has outbid 18 other cities in 18 countries to host the world's key design event--the IDA Congress (held every six years) in 2011, when the capital of Taiwan wishes to convey to the global design community that the island has Chuck Yeager's "The Right Stuff." In other words, Taipei has in its design portfolio, not only a combination of seed ingredients in fashions, high technology, and enviable living standards, but also, more importantly, a cluster of many talented designers.
The number of so-called environmentally friendly burials has increased over the past five years in Taipei, an indication of the growing acceptance among people in the capital of Taiwan that burials should impact the environment as little as possible.
The Lightscape Twin Towers is a luxury residential landmark to be built in the new urban center of Taipei, capital of Taiwan. To show the convenient traffic flow and lifestyle functions to be available in the neighborhood in the near future, as well as to emphasize the advantages of its height and location, this multimedia design includes scale models of structures with animation videos to allow viewers a realistic bird's-eye perspective.