capital of Taiwan

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the capital of Nationalist China

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Zen said the Vatican is ready to remove its embassy from Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, which is considered a renegade province by China, and open one in Beijing at an appropriate time.
The 46-year-old man's bizarre stunt at the zoo in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, was captured on security video.
The prize includes room-only accommodation in a three-star hotel in or around Taipei, the bustling capital of Taiwan.
TAINAN, Taiwan -- Like many other contemporary Asian cities, Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is technologically advanced, but one of the city's most pressing issues is what to do with their manufacturing residue and post-industrial sheds.
Taipei, July 27, 2012 (CENS)--The eighth cross-Strait meeting is scheduled to take place in Taipei, capital of Taiwan, on August 9, to be presided over by P.
The subway system in the capital of Taiwan has become a new front in the war against Sars as a top Chinese Communist Party official called for 'total victory' against the disease.
Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, declared a full medical alert yesterday.
And even more so to see most of the cash had been blown on jewellery in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.
was founded in 1988 in the capital of Taiwan with the aim of linking people and technologies, and has been an integral part of the community for over a decade.
an affiliate of Taiwan's Yulon Group, is handling the EV pilot project in Taipei, capital of Taiwan, and will soon begin providing 40 Luxgen pure-electric multi-purpose vans (MPVs) and 60 to be-branded electric compact cars for short-term leasing in the city.