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an ancient city (widely regarded as the world's oldest) and present capital and largest city of Syria

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In the capital of Syria, more than 5,000 people marched toward the central Youssef al-Azmeh square, where they burned an Israeli and an American flag.
Summary: Center for Agricultural & Animal Researches in Libya and Arab Center for Dry and Arid areas (AKSAD) signed cooperation agreement in Damascus Capital of Syria.
As a loyal Liverpudlian, he'll follow those signs and, hey presto, he'll be performing in Damascus, capital of Syria and capital of Arab culture this year.
Damascus, the capital of Syria is the longest permanently-inhabited city in the world; it is fair to assume, therefore, that Syrians probably know a thing or two about furniture making.
Mr Blair acknowledged he had risked controversy by beginning his latest round of talks in the capital of Syria, a state accused of harbouring some of the most extreme terror groups in the region.
Turkey in turn accused Russia of trying to divert attention from its own "crimes" in Syria, and said Aleppo (the largest city and commercial capital of Syria - usually with a population of over 5m) was threatened with a "siege of starvation".
Damascus, the capital of Syria, was worst liveable city in a list that carried names such as Dhaka, Bangladesh; Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea; Lagos, Nigeria; and Karachi, Pakistan.
The cabinet agreed upon the proposal of the Central Bank of Syria to increase the contribution of Qatar International Islamic Bank to the capital of Syria International Islamic Bank to reach 41 percent.
2 Mythical fire-breathing monster associated with Wales (6) 3 Announce formally (8) 4 Shabby, dull (4) 5 Second largest of the Channel Islands (8) 8 Capital of Syria (8) 9 Underground storey of a building (8) 11 Docking area for pleasure boats (6) 13 Of sound mind (4)
Meanwhile in Damascus, the capital of Syria, an estimated 5,000 people congregated in the Yusif al-Azmeh square, shouting slogans and cluttering the horizon with the flags of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLFP, Hezbollah, Syria, Iraq, and Palestine.
They even plan to call Raqqa the future capital of Syria, which is strange at best.
Aleppo is of vital importance to both factions in the civil war as it is the commercial capital of Syria, and victory for either side will give it a strategic advantage.
Damascus, the capital of Syria, is known for its Jasmine flowers, it is popular by the name of 'fragrant city'.
As a consequence, their strategic advance has hurt Washington's "moderate" terrorists in the north near the Turkish border, giving the Syrian military a better position with respect to long-contested Aleppo itself - the former financial and industrial capital of Syria.
Helicopter gunships and tanks along with scores of troops flooded the commercial capital of Syria on 26 and 27 July.